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The sixth floor of the School, showing the internal staircase and Egyptian-inspired pillars.

Developing the collaboration between business, government and ENGOs

The Natural Allies programme centres on the need to hear the voices of members of governments, business and ENGOs to develop insights and strategies into how best to collaborate with one another to deliver solutions to the issues of sustainability.

Recent work in economics and in environmental research has shown the power of the combination of the private sector, government, and ENGOs to secure sustainable objectives. Traditionally, relationships between businesses, governments and ENGOs could be best described as antagonistic. Increasingly, however, there has been the development of more collaborative relationships between the three groups. These relationships provide all parties with access to greater resources, competencies and capabilities than are otherwise available solely within the respective organisations. ENGOs’ understanding of the science of climate change and habitat loss and other major sustainability issues and their recommendations for solutions may greatly enhance the understanding and responses of corporations. Similarly, the potential for ENGOs to access the financial and non-financial resources of businesses, including managerial and technical skills and marketing leverage, can be very beneficial. Governmental expertise in developing policy and social expectations, can inform, and be informed by, the perspectives and capabilities of ENGOs and business.

In this programme, we highlight how the positive potential of collaboration can be achieved and the barriers to effective co-operation overcome.

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