How industry can engage with the RGP

Become an RGP sponsor

Become an RGP sponsor and join the RGP Industry Community as part of the RGP Industry Engagement Programme. The sponsorship is open to companies who support the mission of the RGP and recognise the value created by the broad adoption of the Cambridge Regulatory Genome (CRG). The Programme brings together a community of organisations with the goal of sharing knowledge around best practice for responding to regulatory uncertainty and for facilitating the continuing digitisation of compliance.

The global financial community is facing an increasingly uncertain regulatory environment. Complying with all the rules for different markets and regions is tough. Combining that with constant developments in areas such as crypto assets, cybersecurity, and ESG, the situation is being made increasingly unmanageable. Furthermore, compliance teams often grapple with outdated infrastructure and applications that do not integrate between firms and jurisdictions.  

The RGP is meeting this challenge. Firstly, through the development of the Cambridge Regulatory Genome, classifying and organising regulatory obligations in a dynamic format and offering this as a public good. Secondly, the RGP leverages the convening power of the University of Cambridge to bring industry together to drive the adoption of this common approach through training, learning and knowledge sharing. 

Opportunities to engage with the RGP

Become a sponsor

We are asking organisations to contribute £25,000 pa for two years, to support the development of the Cambridge Regulatory Genome as a public good.

In recognition of this support, you will be:  

  1. Named as an RGP Sponsor in a transformational initiative led by the University of Cambridge. 
  2. Given two seats per year on the Cambridge RegTech programme which delivers critical insights and hands-on tools for working professionals in government and industry to address an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

By becoming an RGP Sponsor your company will be able to contribute, participate and learn alongside global peers in our RGP Industry Engagement Programme focusing on the challenges of compliance and regulatory uncertainty in areas such as ESG, Crypto and AML.  

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Deeper engagement through RGP special interest groups

For RGP Sponsors wishing to engage more deeply with the outputs from the Cambridge Regulatory Genome, there is an opportunity to become a member of an RGP Special Interest Group (SIG). The RGP SIGs are convened by RegGenome and provide a forum for collaboration around common industry challenges that can be addressed with the help of the Cambridge Regulatory Genome framework. SIG members can benefit from outputs that help with market visibility and risk mitigation for areas of common interest, including peer-group benchmarking, special reports and common use case identification and development. 

Find out more about SIGs and becoming a SIG member via RegGenome's website