How regulators can engage with the RGP

RGP Regulator Engagement Programme

The RGP Regulator Engagement Programme is open to members of the financial regulatory community. It aims to support the digital readiness of regulators.  

Until now, there has been no standardised approach for comparing different regulatory regimes. While regulatory content such as rulebooks and policy documents are widely available in ‘human readable’ form there is limited access to ‘machine readable’ regulations that can be ingested into applications used by regulators.  

This means there is no easy way to benchmark like-for-like their own regulatory regimes against those of peers. It also limits the ability to have visibility of the regulatory landscape and respond to emerging market trends quickly. 

The universal basis of comparison provided by the CRG’s jurisdiction-agnostic taxonomies, combined with the RGP’s development of public good tools for regulators, help to address these challenges. 

The Regulatory Engagement Programme offers the following opportunities

Access to RegSimple

RegSimple is a Public Good regulatory benchmarking tool built by the University of Cambridge and available to financial regulators to help with regulatory benchmarking. 

Access to this live tool is available to regulators to help in their policy development objectives. The current ‘beta’ version allows users to compare regimes from more than 130 jurisdictions across 11 different regulatory ‘themes’ including ESG, Cyber, AML and Prudential Requirements. 

We require permission from participating regulators to access regulatory content.

Learn more about the content permissions requirement

Deeper engagement through RGP Design Sprints

RGP Design Sprints help define the RGP roadmap for developing public good tools for financial regulators. Examples of use cases include heat map visualisations, digital-publishing tools and support for multi-language regulatory publishing.

Education and learning

Participate in RGP events including roundtables, webinars and forums with global peers. 

Apply to the Regulator Engagement Programme