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Each year the Centre for Risk Studies, in collaboration with RMS, publishes a Cyber Risk Outlook report detailing the current trends in cyber risk. Focusing on changes to various threat categories such as data exfiltration, contagious malware, financial theft, cloud outage and denial of service attacks highlights key trends of importance to risk managers. We analysis the motivation of these changes including advances in technology, changes in attack methods and existing and emerging threat actor activity. 


Cyber Risk Outlook 2019

Ten key trends in cyber risk of importance to risk managers summarising the Centre's latest research on cyber risk.

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Cyber Risk Outlook 2018

This report explores the rapidly changing cyber landscape, presenting the Centre's latest research on cyber risk including shifting trends.

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Cyber Risk Outlook 2017

This report provides an update on the cyber insurance market and sets out the landscape of cyber risk in 2017. It summarises the latest trends and outlooks for cyber risk in information technology systems and cyber-physical attacks.

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Managing Cyber Insurance Accumulation Risk 2016

This report sets out a complete framework for the assessment and understanding of cyber insurance accumulation risk management.

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