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Stigma Statistics

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Content note: this profile discusses personal experiences relating to suicide.


Stigma Statistics helps to prevent suicide using technology and data tools. Their Suicide Tracking Analysis & Reporting (‘STAR’) platform allows for the collation, sharing, analysis and reporting of information about suicides and suicide risk.


In 2013 Matthew Steans witnessed someone take their own life in his native Auckland. A couple of months later a close friend also took their life. These events affected Matthew deeply, setting him off on a mission to look at how he could positively impact suicide prevention.

Stigma Statistics is supported by individuals experienced with tech, data and mental health.


Stigma Statistics’ mission is to reduce the pain and suffering associated with suicide using technology and data. Their technology and data platform enables mental health services to intervene and prevent suicide.

Lead Entrepreneur

Matthew Steans

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Matthew is interested in connecting with any members of suicide prevention groups, local authority suicide prevention leads and public health directors who would be interesting in learning how data and technology can enable suicide prevention.

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