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Conferences, seminars & events

The WLC runs a number of events around gender-diversity and leadership, including the annual WLC conference. The following showcases any upcoming and past events organised by the WLC.

WLC events

Upcoming events

Past events


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    Wo+Men's Leadership Conference 2018 | CambridgeCambridge Judge Business School hosted its fourth conference dedicated to Women's Leadership on Saturday 9 June. The theme, 'FGrowing Talent: Fostering Collective Success', address the tools, relationships and mindset behind building and defining, either at a personal or organisational level, a successful career as well as topics of gender equality and evolving workplace dynamics while focusing on how both genders can work together to empower each other to achieve their goals across industries and cultures.


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    Fireside chat with Dr Louise Beaumont, Co-Chair of the Open Bank Working Group and CEO of Vector Associates | CambridgeThe Wo+Men's Leadership Centre Special Interest Group was pleased to welcome Dr Louise Beaumont to School to discuss her professional experience in finance and leadership roles. The 'fireside' event enabled audience members to discuss a variety of topics with Dr Beaumont and the wider group.

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    Wo+Men's Leadership Conference 2017 | CambridgeCambridge Judge Business School hosted its third conference dedicated to Women's Leadership on Saturday 10 June. The theme, 'Finding Balance', addressed questions around work-life balance and what this entails for both men and women and also examined how we achieve gender balance across industries.

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    Women's brunch: "Gender diversity at business school and beyond" | LondonThis brunch in London gave insight into how the Cambridge MBA can help women access their potential and put them on the path to an accelerated or leadership role. Professor Sucheta Nadkarni, Director of the CJBS Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre spoke about her latest research and her work to drive the gender equality debate through the Centre.

  • 8
    Women Should Have It All: Chivalry and Equal Pay | CambridgeAs part of International Women's Day the Women's Leadership Special Interest Group hosted a debate titled “Women Should Have It All: Chivalry and Equal Pay” which was well received and had balanced participation.

  • 24
    Webinar – Preparing Women for the Challenges of Executive Careers | OnlineIn this interactive webinar, Professor Sucheta Nadkarni discussed how women can seize these opportunities and how they can proactively prepare themselves for the opportunities and challenges of executive positions through building confidence and personal power and leadership skills as part of clearly planned long-term career strategies.

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    Hackathon Challenge | CambridgeFemale graduate students from a wide range of backgrounds, including business, engineering, bio-technology and medicine, came together to compete in a Hackathon Challenge. The event, organised by the Wo+Men’s Leadership Initiative at Cambridge Judge Business School, Newnham College and Microsoft, invited students from STEMM disciplines at the University of Cambridge and current students at Cambridge Judge and asked them to come up with creative ideas to tackle technological challenges.



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    CJBS Women's Leadership Initiative Inaugural Conference | CambridgeThe inaugural conference CJBS Women: Achievements, Opportunities, Challenges, that took place in June 2015 at Cambridge Judge Business School, was an opportunity to engage participants (both men and women) through an open and collaborative discussion of tangible actions through which to promote a shared vision of women’s leadership in business, and of how CJBS women's leadership initiative could support existing gender and equality programmes and projects within and outside CJBS.

Other events including WLI student Interest Group (WLI) run events

Other events are organised across CJBS, either by the Women's Leadership special interest group (SIG) or by our programmes and centres and showcase the School's involvement in fostering gender-balanced and diversity in the workforce. Many of these events are invite-only or target specific attendees, so may not always be open to all. Please find a list of any upcoming and past events. 

Upcoming events

Fireside Chat with Dr Louise Beaumont, Cambridge
7 Nov 2017

The Wo+Men's Leadership Centre SIG is pleased to welcome Dr Louise Beaumont to the Judge Business School to discuss her professional experience in finance and leadership roles.

The event will be a fireside event which will enable audience members to discuss a variety of topics with Dr Beaumont and the wider group.

Open to: Cambridge Judge students

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Past events

Women in Asset Management, London
23 Feb 2017

An asset management event hosted by Cambridge Master of Finance (MFin) programme. The panel discussion will look at women in asset management and is targeted at University of Cambridge alumni working in senior asset management roles in the City as well as current CJBS students. 

Microsoft Hackathon challenge, Cambridge
16 Jan 2016

A workshop, presentation and networking dinner organised in conjunction with Microsoft and Newnham College for female students from STEMM disciplines and Cambridge Judge Business School students interested in a career in Technology.

Women's Leadership Initiative Debate, Cambridge
2 Dec 2016

Debate, organised by 2016 MBA student Anvi Shah, on the following topic: “Women’s Leadership Initiatives Disenfranchise Men.” 

McKinsey Centred Leadership event, Cambridge
15 Jan 2016

Smaranda Gosa-Mensin from McKinsey conducted a workshop for MBA and MFin students on the centred leadership style 

Coffee chat with Amazon, Cambridge
13 Nov 2016

Event with Sarah Rhodes and MJ Wheble of Amazon. Sarah is an ex-F18 fighter pilot who is now leading Amazon, Wales operations. MJ is the international recruiter for Amazon and was accompanying Sarah.

Workshop – How to make an impact: get your voice heard, Cambridge
11 Nov 2015

In this workshop, speaker Esther Stanhope showed attendees how to make an impact at work and get their voice heard no matter what role they were in.

We host leading academic scholars from around the world on gender and leadership to share their latest research.

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