Cambridge Judge Business School alumni?

You are now part of a global network of over 9,500 alumni and your CJBS experience doesn’t end when you finish your studies. As an alumnus/alumna, you are entitled to use all of our printed collections during staffed hours. You also have remote access to alumni versions of JSTOR, New York Times and Henry Stewart Talks amongst other sources through the University’s Alumni team.

So how do you take advantage of this excellent offer?

Access to a range of journals and online resources is managed by the University’s Development and Alumni Relations office. Available resources include access to:

  • Henry Stewart Talks
  • New York Times (through ProQuest)
  • OECD iLibrary

Male sure your contact details are kept up to date to be able to make use of these offers.


Access to printed collections

CJBS Alumni are welcome to visit the Information Centre to make use of our printed collection of books and business journals, and to find a quiet place to think during our staffed hours. Please introduce yourself at the main Information Centre desk and we’ll be happy to welcome you back to the School.

But there’s more…

The CJBS Alumni Relations Team give you even more including access to the CJBS Network, your exclusive portal for staying connected to the School. There are over 30 worldwide Alumni Groups and events taking place across the world for you to meet fellow alumni so even if you can’t make it back to Cambridge, you can still stay connected.

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Contact the Alumni Relations Team

As a University of Cambridge alumnus/alumna, you can also get lots of other perks including free access to the University Library, discounts in shops, hotels and restaurants with your CAMCard, and reduced membership fees at the University Sports Centre.

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