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Meet the Information & Library Services team

Ange Fitzpatrick

Information and Library Services Manager

Ange is committed to providing the best data and reports for all CJBS students, staff, and faculty. She loves solving problems, so is a good person to ask about finding, using and presenting information. Ange regularly teaches on social media, and is particularly interested in browser augmentation and task scheduling. She also shares her specialist knowledge of all things tech through writing her Tech Tips and Tricks with Ange series on the Information and Library Services blog.

When she’s not being a librarian, she is a scout troop leader.

[email protected]

Andrew Alexander

Deputy Information and Library Services Manager

Andrew is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Information Centre. He ensures access to our database subscriptions are maintained and provides support to all members of the School with their research enquiries and teaching needs.

Andrew regularly teaches on getting the most out of the resources available to students and also works on projects to develop new ways of maximising online access to Information & Library Services for the School community.

Away from work, Andrew is a keen photographer and enjoys combining this hobby with travel both around the UK and further afield.

[email protected]

Katie Hughes

User Experience Librarian

Katie is originally from New York and spent several years doing non-profit work before becoming an academic librarian. She is the User Experience librarian and the dedicated liaison librarian for the Executive MBA programme. Katie is also extremely interested in all things Scholarly Communication.

As the User Experience librarian, its Katie’s job is to find out how students use the library so don’t be surprised if she asks you some unusual questions (in return for free food of course!). Katie also helps with research enquiries and training sessions.

Outside of work, Katie enjoys lots of different hobbies as well as reading and having a nice meal with friends.

[email protected]

Natasha Pivnenko

Senior Library & Information Assistant

Natasha has worked for several years in various academic and public libraries. A few years ago she studied by distance learning so she can fully empathise with distance-learning students and working to tight deadlines. She enjoys helping users, answering their complex (and less so) enquiries. Natasha believes that there is no such thing as a silly question, it’s all learning!

Natasha administers S&P Capital IQ and WRDS accounts. She catalogues books/DVDs, manages print journal and book collections, deals with student dissertations and projects, and compiles database statistics.

She likes walking/punting to Grantchester, relaxing in a deckchair in The Orchard (tea garden) while drinking tea and watching clouds.

[email protected] 

Lauren Carter

Senior Library & Information Assistant

Lauren always has a book on the go and writes novels, short stories and poetry in her spare time. She also makes videos and takes photos, mainly of her dogs and books.

Lauren provides support on research enquiries, use of Qualtrics for online surveys and updating reading lists.

[email protected]

Melendra Sanders

Senior Library & Information Assistant

For the past ten years, Melendra has been a public librarian dedicated to youth services. However, she’s excited to move into academic libraries.

Melendra is responsible for the Weird Ideas & Disruptive Thinking, Fiction and Boost collections, so if you have a title you’d like us to purchase, drop her a line. She also provides support on research enquiries, use of Qualtrics for online surveys and updating reading lists.

Melendra has two children and enjoys exploring the area on foot or via bicycle when the weather allows. She also likes crafting and is always finding crafts to try out on Pinterest. She’s dabbled in ceramics, knitting, 3D printing, and organic gardening.

[email protected]

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