In order to participate in experiments conducted by researchers of the CEBEG you need to register for experiments via SONA. By registering, you indicate your intention to take part in experiments and agreement to having read and understood the following information:

  • We only invite a specific number of participants to each experiment. Only those invited can participate.
  • If you are invited to take part in an experiment you will receive an invitation email, to confirm you wish to take part you must respond to the email confirming your acceptance.
  • For each experiment a larger number than the required participants will be invited to attend. If for any reason you are not asked to participate upon arrive due to reasons such as capacity constraints, you will still be eligible to receive a ‘show up’ payment of three pounds.
  • Compensation will be given in cash and may depend on the performance of participants during an experiment.
  • Cambridge Judge Business School is not open to the public and, if the experiment you are participating in is held there, you will be required to sign in upon arrival and departure at the School’s reception.
  • You will be received by a CEBEG researcher or associate who will accompany you to the Experimental Computer Laboratory.
  • During an experiment participants must adhere to the rules as outlined by the experimentalist’s instructions.
  • You will be required to bring with you proof of ID to all experiments. Failure to do so may result in not being able to take part in the experiment.
  • Late arrival or failure to turn up to an experiment having already confirmed attendance may result in the experiment being cancelled. Subsequently the participant may receive a distinctive mark on your attendance record. Participants will no longer be able to participate in experiments once they receive three distinctive marks on their record.

Registration agreement

By registering for laboratory experiments, you are agreeing with the following statements:

I agree to share my information with CEBEG for the purpose of their research. I understand that upon registering I will receive email correspondence from them regarding experiments I may be interested in.

I understand that if I register for an experiment I should turn up on time at the location specified. If for any unforeseen reason I cannot attend, I agree to contact the Experimental Lab Manager, giving the reason, at least 24 hours ahead of the experiment.

I understand that if I arrive late or fail to turn up to an experiment, this may result in the experiment having to be cancelled. I am aware that each time I do not turn up for an experiment you have been enrolled for without informing the experimentalists on time or providing any plausible reason, a distinctive mark will be added to my reputation score. The more distinctive marks I receive, the lower the chances of being invited to future experiments. Should my reputation score reach three distinctive marks, I understand that will no longer be invited to take part in experiments conducted by CEBEG researchers.