Lead time: approximately 2.5 weeks

Once the Ethical Approval is granted, the next step is to set up the experiment with the Experimental Lab Manager. You will be expected to complete the Experiment Details form and send to the Experimental Lab Manager.


We use SONA, an online system for managing participation in your studies.

Email the Experimental Lab Manager to request an account. Once you’ve requested an account, you’ll receive an automated email with login details.

Login to the SONA website

Watch this video on how to use SONA:


Online studies using Qualtrics can easily be integrated with the SONA system.

Forms and further information

Researchers at Cambridge Judge Business School can find the necessary forms referred to on these pages, plus additional guidance on aspects such as paying participants, on the School’s Intranet.

If you’re a researcher from outside Cambridge Judge, please get in touch with Experimental Lab Manager at cebeg@jbs.cam.ac.uk to request more information about conducting research at the lab.