RGP internship and secondment opportunities


Learn more about internships and secondments with the Regulatory Genome Project.

Three to six months

Time commitment:
15-35 hours/week

Remote (onsite secondments/internships in Cambridge may be considered)

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The role

We welcome applications from candidates interested in the RGP who possess the skills described in the internship details. The RGP team accepts internship applications on an ongoing basis, onboarding interns as per project requirements. Although there is no fixed deadline for applications, we typically review them at least once a month and strive to respond to all applicants. Those selected for interviews and expressing mutual interest in pursuing an internship will have their details retained for further follow-up. Given the high volume of applications, we are regrettably unable to offer numerous internships. For those not invited to participate in an internship, we will delete their details after 3 months.

Opportunities include:

Regulatory Analysis and Technology

  • Involves developing regulatory use-cases and applications for the Cambridge Regulatory Genome (CRG).
  • Focus on taxonomy creation and understanding how these use-cases align with regulators and industry.
  • Requires knowledge of financial services laws and regulations, and the ability to learn natural language processing (NLP) techniques applicable to regulatory text.

Regulatory Modelling

  • Central to the RGP, this role focuses on creating open taxonomies of regulatory obligations within the CRG.
  • Involves understanding global laws and regulations, converting them into jurisdiction-agnostic structures, and creating annotation guidance and training data for machine-learning operations.
  • Requires expertise in financial services laws, strong legal research and comparative analysis skills, attention to detail, and on-time delivery.

Data Science & AI

  • Concentrates on utilising AI-based textual information extraction embedded in the CRG to build research datasets and cases for regulators.
  • Emphasises data visualisation techniques for large datasets and requires experience or knowledge of data usage, visualisation, and AI technologies.
  • Background in data science, computer science, or strong knowledge of statistics is essential.

Business and Communication

  • Involves engaging with global stakeholders, including regulators, policymakers, and industry.
  • Collaborates with the RGP Head of External Stakeholder Management to develop a communication strategy.
  • Requires experience in effective business communication with industry and government audiences.

Opportunities for researchers

Additionally, we offer opportunities for researchers interested in automating financial regulatory compliance and regulations’ machine-readability.

Interns will closely collaborate with RegGenome, our partner and University spin-out, to understand annotation guidance, training data collection, and data modeling. Paid contract work opportunities with RegGenome may arise for those seeking more involvement.

Main responsibilities

Interns will engage in tasks like:
  • Building and annotating international libraries of regulatory documents.
  • Conducting domain scoping and jurisdictional analysis.
  • Reading and identifying international regulatory obligations.
  • Incorporating feedback from subject matter experts.
  • Creating annotated training data.
  • Developing and maintaining annotation guidance and training materials.


Interns will:
  • Be part of a multi-disciplinary team at Cambridge Judge Business School.
  • Gain practical research experience.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of regulatory challenges and global trends.
  • May receive financial reimbursement for expenses.
  • Access knowledge-sharing sessions.
  • Have the opportunity to contribute to research papers.

The person

We are seeking an individual who possesses the following qualities, skills, and attributes. Please provide a CV and a cover letter demonstrating how your own experience aligns with these requirements.

  1. Proficiency in navigating legal and regulatory texts, with a background in legal or policy analysis, or alternatively, strong academic expertise in comparative qualitative analysis. Experience in compliance roles or the study of financial regulation is advantageous.
  2. Strong analytical and synthesis skills, as demonstrated in an academic or professional setting.
  3. Experience or proven expertise in fintech, financial services regulation, and/or regulatory innovation, either professionally or academically.
  4. Direct experience working with or for a financial regulator, central bank, or relevant authority.
  5. A Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degree, preferably in law, finance, economics, or social sciences.
  6. Driven and committed, showing initiative, self-motivation, and a willingness to grasp new concepts.
  7. Exceptional time management and planning skills with a commitment to meeting deadlines and being accountable.
  8. The ability to work independently and potentially remotely, as well as being an integral part of an interdisciplinary team in a collaborative project.
  9. Experience in conducting desk research, content analysis, data curation, user experience, and stakeholder management.
  10. Strong written and communication skills in English, with the ability to logically and effectively organize ideas, while clearly conveying those that are relevant and significant to specific research-related topics.
  11. Willingness to accept constructive feedback and implement recommendations.
  12. Proficiency in statistical skills, including modelling and data analysis.


The RGP internship is currently closed to applications. Please follow our social media for future updates.

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