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Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2013 released today


The Financial Times MBA Rankings are released today. The Cambridge MBA is ranked joint 16th in the world – an improved ranking from 26th in 2011 and 2010.
Specific category outcomes:

  • Value-for-money: improved from 22nd last year to 8th
  • Career progression: moved from 32nd to 12th
  • Employed 3 months out: moved from 82% to 97% (this placement rate is the highest among the top 30 schools)

Cambridge Judge Business School is driven by the pursuit of excellence in research, teaching, and impact. We have strengths which are not included in these ranking categories – such as entrepreneurial activity and innovation – and we urge those choosing MBA programmes not to make their choice based solely on rankings.

Dr Jochen RundeOne of the features which makes our MBA unique and impactful is that the class contains students from a diverse range of sectors, many of which are not standard MBA fare. This is something reflected in our Concentrations, which attract students from a wide variety of professional backgrounds with a wide variety of aspirations.

In addition to our strong offering in more traditional MBA subjects such as Finance and Strategy, we run Concentrations in areas such as Health, Energy & Environment, Beyond-Profit and Culture, Arts & Media. This strategy, to bring together students with diverse professional experiences and reflect this variety in our curriculum, can have an impact on the apparent performance of the School according to the criteria in some rankings.

We believe it is the right thing to do – to ensure an MBA which delivers a modern and empowering education includes such richness and diversity within its curriculum. It is also why our position at the heart of this great and far-reaching University is also vital to the type of business education we deliver. These reasons, and not our position in rankings in any one year, should be central to the decision making of candidates.”

Professor Jochen Runde,
Director of the MBA