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Cambridge Judge launches student hardship fund, with donations to US$5,000 matched by an alumna

Dr Angeli Weller (MBA 2001) will match donations up to US$5,000 to the newly launched Cambridge Judge Student Hardship Fund.

Cambridge Judge Student Hardship Fund donations matched.

Cambridge Judge Business School has launched a student hardship fund, initially to support the current cohort of students whose time at the School has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The Cambridge Judge Student Hardship Fund will provide flexible funding that can be combined with the investment the School is already making to help those students who need it most.

Initially, donations to the Cambridge Judge Student Hardship Fund will be matched one to one by Dr Angeli Weller, up to US$5,000.

“My time in Cambridge and at the School was instrumental in my growth professionally and personally, and this Cambridge MBA cohort is having such a different experience because of the coronavirus pandemic. It must be challenging for them to move to all online teaching, to lose in-person collaboration with classmates, and to miss so many of the special things about Cambridge, like time with friends at College dinners and walks to Grantchester. They’re also facing unprecedented hardship as they look for new jobs or try to keep the ones they have. We finished in 2002 after the tech bubble burst, so I have empathy for what the current students are facing.”

How you can help

We are acutely and sadly aware that this pandemic has affected everyone, and thus you might not be able to give at present. But if you are in a position to do so, please consider supporting our students by making an online donation.

We would also be thrilled to hear from alumni or other members of our global CJBS community who might consider matching additional contributions.

We are sincerely grateful for your consideration and any donations.

Please contact [email protected] to discuss in more detail.