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Bang Dang Nguyen

The Economist: The final reckoning

In their study, Bang Dang Nguyen from Cambridge Judge Business School and Kasper Meisner Nielsen of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology looked at how firms’ shares react when the chief executive or another prominent manager dies suddenly.…

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CEO sudden death research answers vexed question of top executives’ pay

All sides on the debate into top executives' pay have usually found common ground on just one thing - that there is no empirical way of telling if a CEO is overpaid or not. Now two academics claim they can…

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Management Today: Study: even dead CEOs get paid too much

A five-year study has concluded that 42% of top bosses are in fact overpaid, by examining what happens when one suddenly dies. The somewhat morbid research by Bang Dang Nguyen of the University of Cambridge Judge Business School and Kasper…

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Financial Times: Market reaction to a CEO’s death can reveal attitudes to pay

Share price reaction to the sudden death of a senior executive can show whether bosses are paid too much, according to research promoted by Judge Business School at Cambridge University. The FT covers research by Dr Bang Dang Nguyen into…

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Six reasons why … good bankers will always turn bad

They want to be good, they promise to be good, but will they be good? Cambridge Judge Business School faculty Professor Raghavendra Rau, Dr Bang Dang Nguyen and Dr Pedro Saffi explore six reasons why, whether it's retail or investment,…

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2014 features sixreasons bankersturnbad

The Harvard Law School: Do ownership and control affect firm value?

In their paper Dr Bang Dang Nguyen,  University Lecturer in finance at Cambridge Judge Business School and Kasper Meisner Nielsen of the Department of Finance at Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, investigate the effect of ownership and control on firm value, a…

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Dr Bang Dang Nguyen, Cambridge Judge Business School: How social connectivity can hamper a board a directors

The Cadbury Archive at Cambridge Judge Business School has been completed with the addition of copies of all the speeches on corporate governance made by Sir Adrian Cadbury, Chairman of the UK Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance.…

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2013 video cadbury nguyen

Bonus cap for euro bankers is a step forward

The European Union's move to cap bonuses at the region's largest financial institutions has been hailed as a step in the right direction but does not go far enough. Financial sector observer Dr Bang Dang Nguyen, University Lecturer in Finance…

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2013 video nguyen bonuscap

The Independent: Boards braced for more trouble from investors

City investors are gearing up for the 2013 annual meeting season with Prudential and National Express likely to be in the line of fire over the next few weeks…Dr Bang Dang Nguyen, a finance lecturer at Cambridge University's Judge Business…

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It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

They graduate from the same universities, support the same charities and are members of the same clubs, but does the fact that company directors and CEOs share the same social networks damage corporate governance? Innovative research from Cambridge suggests it…

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2012 features itswhoyouknow