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The Times: TikTok workers burn out trying to match Chinese

People managing Tik Tok’s e-commerce in China often end up sleeping in the office, article says. [In China] "Young people live in their offices and put their jobs ahead of their personal lives to a degree that is not the…

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Eddy Habip Nasi helping sellers grow business with Amazon Marketplace in Turkey

Executive MBA (EMBA) alumnus Eddy Habip Nasi joins Amazon Marketplace as General Manager. Istanbul-based business growth specialist Eddy Habip Nasi (EMBA 2017) has joined e-commerce platform Amazon Marketplace to help sellers grow their business in Turkey. Managing sales, account management…

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The High Street will not die, but it will change dramatically

In the wake of the recent bankruptcies of several prominent high street chains, Cambridge MBA alumnus and Head of the UK for Zalando, Jattin Kapoor discusses how the High Street has to reinvent itself and converge with e-commerce. An interview…

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