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Candidates for the BusD will apply with a CV and an outline research proposal (of six-seven pages maximum) prior to the formal submission of an application. The standard to be attained in the choice of research topic will be high, identifying a major business problem to be examined and the identification of relevant data sources, either for qualitative or quantitative analysis. Proposals will be assessed on their potential to lead to an excellent dissertation and subsequent publication. Applicants are expected to draw on their experience as senior executives and their unique access to context and data in their research proposal.  

Complete applications, including all supporting documents, are considered once per term by the BusD Admissions committee. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by faculty members with relevant expertise, who will work with them on a revision of the research proposal, which will then form the basis for an admissions interview by a panel of senior faculty.   

Our formal application process can be completed in two steps:

  1. Check you meet our requirements
  2. Complete and submit your application

Apply now

Applications for entry in October 2018 are now open.

Deadline: 26 April 2018


Fees for entry in 2018/19 are £80,000 for the first year and £50,000 for each of years two to four.

The BusD programme is not eligible for University or research funding. Students are expected to self-fund their studies.