We have the privilege of working with a strong group of CVP mentors who are an integral part of the CVP offering. CVP mentors are experienced business professionals, with expertise in a particular industry. Their role for the duration of the CVP is to be an effective sounding board, offering business guidance and critical support to the student team.

Lyndon Adams

Founder, FractalWorks

Faisal Ahmed

Co-Founder, Axxeltrova

John Allan

Sales, Marketing & Business Development Consultant

William Allan

CEO, SurgaColl Technologies

Dr Shima Barakat

Entrepreneurial Educator

James Beattie

Technical & Managerial Consultant

Michael Birdsall

Founder, TwoSigmas

Sarah Broderick

Chief Risk Officer, Clinked.com

David Brown

Chairman and Co-Founder, Healx

Paul Campion

Innovation & Digital Strategist

Ludo Chapman

Strategy Facilitator

Mary-Anne Claridge

Data and Information architecture

Philip Claridge

Chief Architect & Strategist, Mandrel Systems

Mark Collins

IP Consultant & Chairman

Peter Cowley

Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Dr Jane Dancer

Independent Healthcare Consultant

Stephen Dowd

Business Development, Biotechnology & Pharma, RallyBio

Chris Dunn

Business Development Consultant

Richard Green

Entrepreneur & Strategist

Shelley Gregory-Jones

Development Director, International Cat Care

Andrew Hatcher

Entrepreneur, advisor and investor

Peter Hiscocks

Fellow in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Cambridge Judge Business School

James Hyde

Chief Product Officer & Founder, James and James Fulfilment

Collette Johnson

Technology Strategist

Mainda Kiwelu

Senior Product Manager, Metail

Dr Richard Leaver

Guest (Visiting) Professor, Beijing University of Science and Technology

Arthur Meadows

Innovation & Technology Strategist

Hamza Mudassir

Visiting Fellow in Strategy, Cambridge Judge Business School

Technology & Product Consultant

Sian Nash

Associate Chief Operator Officer, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and Wellcome Genome Campus

Hugh Parnell

Cleantech Specialist

Mark Rayward-Smith

Managing Principal, ZS Associates

Sanjeet Sanghera

Head of Grids & Utilities, BloombergNEF

Thomas Sawyer

Chief Operating Officer, Cantabio Pharmaceuticals

Dr Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley

Director of Innovations & Impact, British Antarctic Survey

Hunter Sims

Director of Operations, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

Abhishek Srinivasan

Finance and Strategy, Deliveroo

David Taylor

Management Consultant

Tania Vallares Balsa

Investment Manager, Xesgalicia

Howard Weller

Author, Director, Frank Investments

Mark Wickham

Specialist in Commercialising Medical Devices and Technologies