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Every Future Foundation (previously known as Breakfast Clubs Against Racism) is a London based non-profit organisation with the goal of combatting institutional and systemic racism by educating young people and nurturing young anti‐racist leaders. They do this by delivering workshops and anti-racism interventions in schools and community breakfast clubs and are in the process of developing an activism accelerator, helping young people to take social action.


The Founder of Every Future Foundation is Lara Sengupta, she used her knowledge of social business and passion for abolishing racism to establish the organisation. They also have three amazing trustees including award winning professor Rhiannon Turner, creative strategist Niran Vinod, and Josephine Jengo who works championing women in parliament.


Their social mission is to abolish racism and eradicate the myth of white supremacy by providing honest education for young people and helping them develop the self-belief and leadership skills to create a new generation of anti-racist, inclusive, and educated leaders.

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Lara Sengupta

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Every Future Foundation would love to hear from anyone with connections to schools, local authorities, Directors of Education or youth projects that could benefit from working with us. They would also love to hear from anyone wanting to volunteer to help develop their activism accelerator.


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