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Food industry

Nearly half of the food you consumed in the UK today was internationally sourced. In fact, this is a £23 billion market in the UK and an industry that contributes 23% of the global greenhouse emissions. Food withdrawals, rejections and recalls cost the food industry £7 billion annually. This is translated into containers of food being wasted, packaging being thrown away and tonnes of extra greenhouse emissions released. Human mistakes in the quality control process are one of the main drivers of inefficiencies, the main one being the manual inspection of images. This time-consuming, error-prone process is not up-to-date with the advancement of emerging technologies.

At Qtrace we are reimagining the quality control process by automating the inspection of images through algorithms. This solution not only ensures the highest quality of seafood products but promotes trust, transparency and traceability in the value chain.

Join us in revolutionising the seafood trading industry, one picture at a time!