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CJBS Twitter accounts

 | Follow the School’s Twitter account for the latest news from CJBS.

 | Keeping our global network of CJBS alumni and students connected.


 | The Cambridge Executive MBA (EMBA).

 | Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education.

 | The Cambridge Executive Master of Accounting.

 | The Cambridge MBA. Ask questions about Cambridge MBA Admissions and hear about our MBA events around the world.

 | The Cambridge Master of Finance (MFin).

 | The SME Growth Club.

 | CJBS’s MPhil programmes.

 | The Master of Studies in Entrepreneurship

 | Our MBA Executive Director, Conrad Chua.


 | The Entrepreneurship Centre

 | The Centre for Social Innovation.

 | Cambridge Social Ventures.

 | Professor Stelios Kavadias, Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre.

 | Dr Chris Coleridge, Senior Faculty in Management Practice.


 | Bryan Zhang, Executive Director of the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance.

 | The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance.

 | The Cambridge Circular Economy Centre.

 | The Psychometrics Centre.

 | The Centre for Endowment Asset Management (CEAM).

 | The Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation.

 | The Centre for Strategic Philanthropy.

 | The Centre for Risk Studies.

 | The Centre for Financial Reporting & Accountability (CFRA).


 | Professor Shahzad Ansari, Professor of Strategy & Innovation.

 | Dr Marion Boisseau-Sierra, University Lecturer in Accounting.

 | Professor Feryal Erhun, Professor of Operations & Technology Management.

 | Professor Christos Genakos, Professor of Economics.

 | Professor Matthew Grimes, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Futures.

| Professor Mauro F Guillén, Dean of Cambridge Judge Business School.

 | Dr Allègre Hadida, Associate Professor in Strategy, with an interest in creative, arts and media organisations, and creativity in business.

 | Dr Chris Hope, climate change policy researcher and emeritus faculty member, interested in environment and energy.

 | Professor Alan Jagolinzer, Professor of Financial Accounting.

 | Professor Stelios Kavadias, Margaret Thatcher Professor of Enterprise Studies in Innovation & Growth.

 | Michael Kitson, Associate Professor in International Macroeconomics.

 | Dr Simon Learmount, Associate Professor in Corporate Governance.

 | Dr Kamiar Mohaddes, Associate Professor in Economics & Policy.

 | Professor Kamal Munir, Professor of Strategy & Policy.

 | Professor Michael Pollitt, Professor of Business Economics.

 | Professor Jaideep Prabhu, the Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business & Enterprise.

 | Professor David Reiner, Professor of Technology Policy.

 | Dr Thomas Roulet, Associate Professor in Organisation Theory.

 | Professor Neil Stott, Director of the Master of Studies in Social Innovation Programme and Co-Director of the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation.

Professional services & initiatives

 | Our IT department.

 | Our Information & Library Services team.

CJBS hashtags

 | Life at Cambridge Judge Business School.

 | The Cambridge MBA.

 | The Cambridge MPhil in Management.

 | Social Venture Weekends.

Thought leadership blogs from our faculty

Christoph Loch’s blog | Thoughts and commentary on issues affecting the School and business education in general.

The Conversation | Many members of our faculty blog for The Conversation, a journalism project featuring content from the sharpest academic minds.

Behind Blue Eyes | A blog by Professor Simon Taylor, Faculty in Management Practice.

Keeping an Eye on Climate Policy | A climate change policy researcher and emeritus faculty, Dr Chris Hope blogs about issues affecting energy and the environment.

Michael Kitson: Economist | A blog by the School’s expert in global macroeconomics.

Other blogs from around the School

The School’s Information & Library Services blog | Read updates from our specialist information and library service.

Cambridge MBA Stories | Blogs written by students currently working towards their MBA at the School.

The Cambridge Executive MBA student blog | Life on the CJBS Executive MBA programme.

Technology Policy blog | Wide-ranging discussions about technological and societal challenges drawn the latest news, led by Dr David Reiner and students on the MPhil in Technology Policy.

The Mastering Entrepreneurship blog | This blog from the MSt in Entrepreneurship team aims to encourage dialogue about the challenges of entrepreneurship and to present reliable solutions to shared problems.

The Entrepreneurship Centre blog | Blog posts from the School’s Entrepreneurship Centre.

Centre for Risk Studies Viewpoints | Viewpoints informed by the research being carried out at the Centre for Risk Studies

The Centre for Social Innovation blog | Comment from both Cambridge Judge Business School faculty and social innovators from across the world.

The Centre for Business Research blog | Economics and policy posts and podcasts from the CBR.


The School’s page on LinkedIn offers opportunities to help you to network with those you know and trust.

The CJBS Alumni LinkedIn group is open to alumni and current students of the School

The Cambridge MBA showcase page sharing information and updates about the MBA programme.

The Cambridge MBA LinkedIn group is for candidates who are interested in learning more about the Cambridge MBA

The Cambridge MBA showcase page sharing information and updates about the MBA programme.

The Cambridge Judge Wo+men’s Leadership Centre group supporting gender diversity in business and the leadership potential of women.

The Cambridge Executive Master of Accounting showcase page sharing information and updates about the Executive MAcc programme.

The Centre for Strategic Philanthropy LinkedIn page



Cambridge Judge Business School videos


Cambridge Judge Business School videos

Entrepreneurship Centre videos

Library & Information Services videos


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Information & Library Services

Cambridge MBA

Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation

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