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The Cambridge Judge Scholarship Programme provides a chance for alumni and others to support students to study at Cambridge Judge Business School. This prestigious programme is designed to help Cambridge Judge compete with peer schools to attract and enable students to pursue a first-class business school education at the University of Cambridge.

The programme is a community of donors, supporting a community of students, that will enable the School to provide a range of philanthropic Scholarships. Individuals can contribute at a number of levels, starting with “A Helping Hand” at £2,500, reaching to “The Cambridge Judge Business School Full Package” at £73,000, which would provide support for a full scholarship. All donor contributions are aggregated into one fund, from which scholarships are then awarded across the School. 

One-off gifts can be made online by following the web-link to the right. Alternatively, to pledge your gift over a period of time, please contact Zoë Radford.

Thank you for providing my scholarship. My philosophy is when you receive something like this you need to make the most of it and pay it forward. I intend on making a difference with my Cambridge degree back home and perhaps one day sponsor another student back to my alma mater.
Rizwan Chaudry (Cambridge MFin 2015), Recipient of the Chairman’s Scholarship
Having been granted such a generous and prestigious scholarship was really inspirational – it was a strong stimulus to strive for my goals, with extra motivation. Thank you for helping me realise my dreams!
Nadir Humbataliyev (MFin 2014), Recipient of the Chairman’s Scholarship
I am honoured to be awarded the Dean’s Scholarship Award. To face the challenges in our society today, we need people that can combine critical thinking with powerful action. With the insights I gain here in Cambridge, I hope to be able to contribute even more effectively to the common good.
Saar Francken (MSt Social Innovation 2016), Recipient of the Dean’s Scholarship
I am so proud to have been granted this prestigious scholarship. I fully intend to use this amazing opportunity to make the world a better place. To study at CJBS is a transforming experience. It does more than teaching you, it inspires you.
Vanessa Marcié (EMBA 2016), Recipient of the Dean’s Scholarship
Receiving a scholarship from CJBS makes me feel that the School has understood and honours all the effort and work that went into my undergraduate studies and into achieving a great GMAT score. It shows a clear commitment to attract and compete for the best students, to ensure an outstanding class profile.
Christoph Gadermair (MBA 2016), Recipient of the Dean’s Scholarship


Help us eliminate financial obstacles and support the future generation in achieving their Cambridge education.

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Are you an MFin alumnus or current student? Participate in the MFin Class Gift initiative in support of future students at CJBS.

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Harding Challenge – double your impact

If you are a new donor to the University and give to any aspect of ‘All the best’ – the University’s student support initiative – your gift will unlock, pound for pound, a contribution to the Cambridge Bursary Scheme, which awards eligible undergraduates an annual gift of up to £3,500 a year.

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You can contribute via Cambridge in America (US 501-C-3 organisation).

Please specify your gift is for: Cambridge Judge Business School Scholarship Fund.

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