Internship & secondment programmes

Our internship programmes

Cambridge Fintech Market Observatory (CFMO) Market Research Internship

This Market Research internship is ideal for candidates interested in fintech and is designed to give them insights into the business models and pioneering trends in the fintech ecosystem.

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Cambridge Fintech Market Observatory (CFMO) Data Research Internship

This Data Research Internship provides the chance to get insights into the fintech market ecosystem – status, trends, opportunities, & challenges, and you will be contributing to high-impact global reports.

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Cambridge SupTech Lab Internship

This internship suits people with different profiles who have experience in academic research, supervision, data science, technology, project management or consulting, as well as those who are interested in digital transformation solutions.

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Digital Assets Internship Programme

The Digital Assets Programme is a multi-year research initiative centered around three thematic areas that include the climate aspects of digital assets, the configurations and processes of distributed Financial Market Infrastructure (dFMI), and emergent money systems.

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Fintech Regulatory Innovation Internship

A bespoke internship targeted at those with specific knowledge or experience in the domain of fintech regulation and/or regulatory innovation.

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Fintech Regulatory Innovation Secondment

A bespoke secondment internship targeted at those working for policy/regulatory authorities in the domain of fintech regulation and/or regulatory innovation.

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Regulatory Genome Project internship and secondment opportunities

The Regulatory Genome Project (RGP) is a collaboration to develop and support the adoption of an open information structure to enable the organisation and comparative analysis of financial regulations across jurisdictions. We have regular opportunities for those interested in advances in legal technology, data and AI, and business and communication.

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