The Cambridge SupTech Lab

About the Cambridge SupTech Lab 

Effective digital supervision and regulation enable sound and sustainable delivery of innovative financial services and greater protection of consumers. They also enable the pursuit of other policy objectives including financial integrity and the oversight and mitigation of environmental and governance risks. 

The Cambridge SupTech Lab unites and expands a community of Innovation Leaders, who are empowered by insight, driven from empirical research, digital tools, and educational curricula to understand, co-create and develop cutting-edge, scalable suptech applications. 

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Our approach

At the core of the SupTech Lab’s approach lies the intention to: 

Transfer a wealth of knowledge and tools to Innovation Leaders and their agencies curating a global community and a set of digital tools to empower them. 

Accelerate development through co-creation and developing solutions at the frontier of innovation that are portable and scalable by design. 

Implement an initiative that is gender intentional, encouraging the participation and engagement of female regulators and supervisors, as well as incorporating gender equality / inclusiveness into all phases of the co-creation of scalable suptech solutions. 

This is achieved by: 

  • Conducting empirical research. 
  • Carrying out capacity building and education to transfer knowledge and capabilities to Innovation Leaders. 
  • Deploying a digital toolkit to empower Innovation Leaders to drive digital transformation within their agencies. 
  • Crafting cutting-edge, scalable suptech applications in the SupTech Launchpad – an accelerator for financial authorities and technology vendors Leveraging the expertise within the team to undertake diagnostics and carry out analytical and advisory activities that support the design and implementation of suptech solutions, strategies and roadmaps. 
  • Building a community of Innovation Leaders committed to accelerating digital transformation in their organisations – connected through the Regulator Knowledge Exchange. 


For more information about the Cambridge SupTech Lab:

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