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People Analytics: Transforming HR Strategy with Data Science

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Today’s human resource leaders and people managers are being called upon to make decisions that enhance both people and business outcomes. Most HR leaders do not have access to employee data and the analytical tools that help to derive insights, to optimise and align decisions with strategic corporate objectives. This programme will enable you to develop a cutting-edge People Analytics function in your organisation. It will also equip you with practical and analytical techniques, and data-driven insights that will guide you to future proof your business.

Throughout this eight-week online programme, you will learn practical approaches to set up your people analytics team and leverage data that already exists within your organisation, to solve strategic challenges at the workplace.

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  • Module 1: Strategic Positioning – How do you set up a people analytics function?
  • Module 2: Achieving Operational Excellence with Data – How do you organise and leverage what already exists within your organisation?
  • Module 3: Root Cause Analysis and Project Tactics – How do you ensure you solve the right problem within the appropriate timeframe?
  • Module 4: Designing Successful Experiments – How can you best achieve scientific rigour and quality within complex and dynamic organisational settings?
  • Module 5: Psychometrics – What role do latent traits have in governing workplace behaviour and how can psychological data augment people analytics efforts?
  • Module 6: Organisational Data Science 1 – How do you go from description to prediction and what do people analytics projects involve in practice?
  • Module 7: Organisational Data Science 2 – How can you safely and consistently integrate data into your communication and decision-making strategies?
  • Module 8: Transforming the Workplace: What is your vision for the future of work and how can people analytics help you to achieve positive change in individuals, organisations and society?


  • Learn to develop a cutting-edge people analytics function in your organisation, and return to your organisation with a tangible action plan
  • Become equipped with practical and analytical techniques and data-driven insights to help future-proof your organisation
  • Learn how to generate actionable insights
  • Learn how to use data to solve your business challenges.
Icon: Executive Education Certificates of Achievement.

This programme counts towards the Cambridge Judge Business School General Management Certificate of Achievement. On completing the GMCA you will be eligible to become an associate member of Cambridge Judge Business School’s global network of graduates and business-focused University of Cambridge alumni, faculty and staff.

Who should attend

The programme is focused on helping HR leaders leverage people analytics to achieve positive change across the individual, organisational and societal levels, and chart a vision for the future. The programme is ideal for:

  • Mid-level to senior HR professionals from any industry looking to set up or restructure the people analytics function to leverage data and solve problems
  • People/data analytics professionals seeking to expand strategic knowledge of people analytics and integrate untapped data sources to make business-relevant predictions
  • Consultants – HR & Analytics who need the technical skills to provide more innovative and impactful solutions to their clients
  • Project Managers who need to optimise and better align their teams and initiatives to corporate strategy
  • Directors and Functional heads looking to use people analytics to transform their workplace and make better staffing decisions
  • Employee representatives who want to acquire a more sophisticated understanding of how big data and artificial intelligence are transforming many aspects of the workplace.

Faculty & speakers

Luning Sun

Research Director, The Psychometrics Centre

Research Associate

Luning Sun is a highly experienced psychometrician and researcher, having led many international research collaborations to advance the field of psychological and behavioural measurement. These include the ESRC ORA Plus Scheme to develop the International Cognitive Ability Resource (ICAR), a public-domain and open-source tool that provides a large and dynamic bank of cognitive ability measures for use in a wide variety of applications. Luning’s research focuses on the new forms of assessment that are enabled by the advancements in psychometric theories and techniques.

Peter Romero

People Analytics Lead, The Psychometrics Centre

Peter Romero has 20 years of experience working at marquee organisations such as Gartner and SHL, of which he spent six years in Research & Development, and 14 years in consulting. He is a founding member of Advanced Cognition Labs, an interdisciplinary institute focusing on research in the area of Artificial Intelligence. Peter’s research interests include Natural Language Processing: Algebraic Topology, Deep Learning, Bayesian Learning; Cybernetics: memetic influence and person-environment interaction in complex social systems; and People Analytics: multi-agent assessment methodologies and competency modelling.

Dates & fees



Fees *

11 November 2021

8 weeks


Participants are expected to attend the full programme.

If you have any questions or would like to have a chat about this programme and how it could benefit you or your organisation, please get in touch with the Open Programmes team:

[email protected]

Version 1 (15 February 2021)


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8 weeks


11 November 2021

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