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Programme overview for the Robert W. Wilson Trust Natural Allies Environmental Leadership Program

While other programs may focus upon leadership and strategy for environmental leaders, we believe that the most critical challenge is to develop market-based solutions to environmental challenges and that will be the focus of the Cambridge Judge Business School program.

Our program delivery methodology will be multi-layered. We will use case studies but we will also use a range of other approaches, including scenarios, films, role plays and panels to produce a rich and engaging environment in which to share learning and build engagement.

We are more aware than ever of the dangers of climate change and habitat loss but collective action to ensure a greener, more resilient future for us all has fallen far short of what is required. To address such issues requires responses that are at the scale of the problems we are facing and the speed to match the urgency of the situation. The solution lies in collaboration between ENGOs, Governments, and the market. The Natural Allies program explores how these collaborations can be effective.


The week will begin on Wednesday and end on Tuesday (ensuring that delegates will only spend one weekend away from home).

Day 1 (Wednesday): Ecosystem Leadership

  • Introducing the integrative case and first attempt of stakeholder mapping
  • Macro political economics

Day 2 (Thursday): Leading Partnerships

  • Purpose-driven Leadership: leadership at organisational level
  • Effective individual leadership

Day 3 (Friday): Systems Thinking

  • Partnerships as systems
  • Harnessing the systems

Day 4 (Monday): Operationalising Partnerships

  • Building better coalitions
  • Financing major multi-stakeholder projects

Day 5 (Tuesday): Strategies for ‘Grand Challenges’

  • Building approaches for dealing with the big issues

Day 6 (Wednesday): Planning Actions

  • Reflections
  • Next steps
  • Development pathways

There is also an optional Cambridge environmental escape on the Saturday of the program.