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Introducing the RGP

The Regulatory Genome Project (RGP) is a collaboration to develop and support the adoption of an open information structure to enable the organisation and comparative analysis of financial regulations across jurisdictions. It represents an opportunity to address fragmentation in how information about regulatory obligations is shared globally. 

The information structure is called the Cambridge Regulatory Genome and the RGP is a collaboration between organisations who see value in developing and supporting adoption of this structure. It is led by two founding partners – the University of Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) and Regulatory Genome Development Ltd (RegGenome), a company spun-out of the University of Cambridge.

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It’s a great privilege as Dean of Cambridge Judge Business School to invite regulators and organisations from across the financial services industry to join us in the Regulatory Genome Project (RGP).

What is the Regulatory Genome Project?

The RGP is a transformative initiative offering an opportunity to organise how information about regulatory requirements is shared globally. It aims to enhance the digital readiness of regulators by providing public tools that can level the playing field among regulators in both mature and emerging economies.

The Project is a collaboration between Cambridge Judge Business School and RegGenome Limited, a spin-out company from the University of Cambridge. The project supports the adoption of the Cambridge Regulatory Genome, an open information structure being developed by the Business School in collaboration with regulators.

Why is this project needed?

Because in our digital era the volume and complexity of financial regulation is exploding before our eyes. When adopted at scale, an open information structure like the Cambridge Regulatory Genome paves the way to reduce friction in how information about regulatory requirements can be shared.

Unlocking knowledge with global practical and policy implications

Cambridge Judge Business School has long known the immense value of the knowledge of our faculty and research centres, and this project unlocks that knowledge with global practical and policy implications.

We look forward to working with you in this important and exciting journey.


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RGP team

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Meet the RGP team

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