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The Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies will hold the 2018 meeting of its Advisory Board on 23 January 2018, with attendees representing the supporting organisations of the Centre, academic advisors, and invited guests. 

The executive team of the Centre for Risk Studies will present a progress report on the past year’s activities, the current positioning and strategy of the Centre, and the various strands of research. The meeting will review the strategy, focus, and differentiating characteristics of the Centre. 

The Advisory Board provides guidance and inputs into the planning of the future research agenda of the Centre for Risk Studies.

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Advisory Board Meeting sessions


Research Showcase


Advisory Board lunch


Advisory Board Meeting


Drinks reception and dinner



Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies Research Overview (pdf, 1.2MB)

Daniel Ralph

Global Risk Index for 2018 (pdf, 873KB)

Jessica Tsang

Geopolitical Landscape (pdf, 453KB)

James Bourdeau

Assessment of Approaches to Cyber Terrorism (pdf, 447KB)

Tamara Evan

Cyber Threat Actors: Hackonomics (pdf, 591KB)

Andrew Smith

2018 Cyber Risk Landscape (pdf, 1.5MB)

Jennifer Daffron

Applications of Corporate Risk Profiling (pdf, 2MB)

Andrew Skelton

Please Mind the (Protection) Gap: The Role of Insurance in Economic Recovery (pdf, 1.8MB)

Arjun Mahalingam

Multi-Threat Risk Analysis and Insurance (pdf, 497KB)

Jennifer Copic

Global Exposure Accumulation and Clash: Multi-Line Insurance Exposure Data Schema (pdf, 690KB)

Kayla Strong

An Integrated Platform for Risk Research (pdf, 315KB)

Simon Ruffle

Future Directions of the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies (pdf, 853KB)

Andrew Coburn