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While you are studying here at Cambridge Judge we offer access to more data and information than you will ever have again.

Whether you need to export data from Bloomberg, read today’s paper in Factiva or find out where to start conducting market research we can help you get the most out of our databases.

Broker reports: finding reports

Whether you need to access research reports for your projects, or to gather information about a particular company prior to a job interview, we have a range of databases that will give you access to the broker reports you need.

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The following three databases have plenty of broker reports for you:  


  • Investext: access to the most recent reports only
  • J.P. Morgan Research: coverage is 2011 to current with a one-week embargo
  • Bloomberg: Use the RES code to access the Bloomberg Research page

Please note there’s no remote access to Bloomberg but you can use one of the four dedicated terminals available in the Information Centre. 

Read more about broker reports on our blog

Bloomberg: exporting data

So you’re finding data in Bloomberg and automatically looking like one of the coolest researchers in the School, but now you need to use that data in your research or take it away to analyse. No problem. You can export data directly from Bloomberg or from within Excel.

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It is possible to export data from within Bloomberg either as an image (jpeg, png or pdf) of what you are seeing on screen or as raw data into Excel. How to do this changes from screen to screen but look out for ‘Output’, ‘Edit’, or ‘Export’ menus.

Download our step-by-step guide to exporting data within Bloomberg


It is also possible to export data using the Bloomberg Add-in that is available within Excel on the dedicated terminals in the Information Centre. This contains a template library with over 300 pre-determined unique templates that include total-return calculators, financial statements, cash-flow analysis, asset allocation optimisers and many more. The Excel Add-in also includes a Wizard that allows you to interrogate Bloomberg to export the exact data that you need. 

Download our step-by-step guide to exporting Bloomberg data using Excel

Once you have successfully exported data using these methods you can then take it away to use in Excel wherever is most convenient to you. But remember, any live data will only refresh while using Excel on a Bloomberg terminal.

Are you a member of the Business School? If so keep an eye out for Bloomberg training sessions run by the Information Centre or contact us to book a one-to-one session.

Factiva: read today’s newspaper

Factiva is a great database for searching the world’s most important and popular newspapers and trade journals, but what about if you just want to read today’s edition of The Times or any other daily paper?

Use this simple search strategy and you can read today’s issue within just a few clicks. 

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Head to Factiva by following the link from our databases page and log-in using your Raven password.

  • Change the Date range to ‘In the last day’.
  • Click the arrow next to ‘Source’ and search for the title (e.g. The Times).
  • Select the title of the newspaper or journal that you would like to read from the list (e.g. ‘The Times (U.K.)’).
  • In the ‘Free Text Search’ box at the top of the page type ‘the’ and click the search button.
    • The preposition ‘the’ is an extremely common word and so is guaranteed to appear in every article within the paper and so the results will reflect that day’s paper.

Get in touch if you need any help with reading online newspapers on Factiva.

Download our guide to reading the day’s newspapers online in Factiva

Factiva: finding a known article

Factiva is a great database for searching the world’s most important and popular newspapers and trade journals, but what if you just want to read one specific article that you know exists?

Use these simple steps to get to the article in just a few clicks.

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Head to Factiva by following the link from our databases page and log-in using your Raven password.

  • Click the arrow next to ‘Source’ and search for the publication title (e.g. Financial Times).
  • Select the title of the newspaper or publication in which the article appears. 
  • Change the date range so it covers the date the article was published (or select all dates if you’re not sure).
  • In the ‘Free Text Search’ box at the top of the page type or paste the full title of the article and click search.

Want to see this in action? We’ve put together a video showing these steps.

Fame: you’re in good company

If you are looking for data about a small (or not so small) UK public or private company, then FAME (Financial Analysis Made Easy) from Bureau van Dijk is the database for you. 

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To create your call list:

  1. Go to Search – Activities – Major sectors – Banks
  2. You can limit results by the number of employees or just go for the top 25 
  3. Click on ‘Tools’ in the side menu, then ‘Contact tool’ and follow the steps in the wizard.
    You might choose just one contact per company or several. The lists will usually include names, phone numbers, email/postal addresses, and websites. 
  4. Filter your search, for example, by limiting contacts to just staff from personnel, human resources or sales.

It’s not just for banks. You can create similar mailing lists based on geographical regions, industry description, or whether a company is listed or not. Whatever you want to do, just build up your search and then export your results. Simple.

Market research: top three databases

Are you are looking for market data but aren’t quite sure where to start? 

We have several excellent market and industry databases to choose from.

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These are our top recommendations for getting started:


Clear and up-to-date reports that cover UK, US, China and Australia, plus some global reports with lots of good graphics.


Provides information on historic market sizes, the latest consumer trends, plus changes in consumer behaviour.

Mintel UK

UK focused market reports, including SWOTs, forecasts and competitor analysis.

Please get in touch with us if you need any further help with finding market data. 

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