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Circular and frugal


Video thoughts of participants of the inaugural edition of InnoFrugal UK, the UK’s first conference dedicated to the subject of frugal innovation and the circular economy.

2018 News: Circular and frugal.

The inaugural edition of InnoFrugal UK, the UK’s first conference dedicated to the topic of Frugal Innovation, was hosted by Cambridge Judge Business School on 27 March 2018. The Business School partnered with Ignitho Technologies and The Nordic Frugal Innovation Society to present the event.

The conference, which built on earlier successful editions of the event in Nordic countries, included presentations by Jaideep Prabhu, Professor of Marketing at Cambridge Judge; Dr Khaled Soufani, Director of the Circular Economy Centre at Cambridge Judge; and Eben Upton (EMBA 2009), Founder and CEO of micro-computer maker Raspberry Pi.

During the conference, we asked some participants to share their thoughts about the conference, frugal innovation and circular economy principles.

Watch the videos

Amanda Calvert, Founder of Quince Consultancy and member of the Cambridge Judge Advisory Board talks about the conference and circular economy principles.

Melissa Simonetto, a masters student from the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge, gives her thoughts on the InnoFrugal UK conference.

Andy Clifton, Sustainability Manager – Engineering & Design at Rolls Royce, talks about the main benefits for Rolls Royce in adhering to Circular Economy principles.

David Manuel, Chief Investment Officer at Beagle Partners, talks about frugal innovation.

Giorgos Dimitriou, Research and Technology Projects Portfolio Coordinator for the European Defence Agency, discusses synergies between frugal innovation and the circular economy.

Steve Bowyer, Chief Executive of Opportunity Peterborough, outlines real-world examples of the circular economy in practice.

Thanel Voigt (MPhil Technology Policy 2017) gives her reaction to the InnoFrugal UK conference from a student perspective.