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Two alumna of the Master of Studies in Social Innovation programme at Cambridge Judge Business School are named winners at the annual Academy of Management convention.

A new book from a postdoctoral teaching associate at the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation outlines how the unique and localised ‘Harris Tweed’ industry has sustainably navigated global markets.

Social entrepreneurs focusing on day care, supply chains, homelessness, skill development and communications each win £10,000 prize from Trinity Hall and the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation.

A new prize at Lucy Cavendish College named after Cambridge Judge faculty member Neil Stott, the Stott Alternative Futures Prize, awards speculative fiction that reimagines a better tomorrow.

In this special insight article, we look at some of the work done at Cambridge Judge to highlight issues affecting the marginalised and point a way forward to solving them, and we also talk to some of those involved in these important initiatives.

Four social entrepreneurs pioneering new approaches to mental health, wellbeing, employment training, and publishing have been recognised with the 2022 Cambridge Social Innovation Prize, awarded by Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, and the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge Judge Business School.

Seven women affiliated with the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation recognised in WISE100 list.

Two papers on social enterprise co-authored by Helen Haugh of Cambridge Judge Business Schools are cited by academic journals.

Social impact

Sustainable ventures

Ventures associated with Cambridge Judge Business School programmes are involved in many areas of sustainability, from food production to aviation.

Four key blockages are preventing full implementation of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, Paul Tracey and Neil Stott of Cambridge Judge Business School say in the School's inaugural Social Innovation Lecture.

Pioneering historical approaches to Black economic co-operation should be tapped to benefit today’s business education, says study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School.


Social mission

Professor Muhammad Yunus, who won a Nobel Prize for pioneering microcredit in Bangladesh, tells the CJBS Perspectives video series on leadership about how he was inspired to provide financial services to the excluded.

Misc news

Social impact

People and firms affiliated with Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation are honoured by the social enterprise community.

Misc news

First of its kind

Paper by Neil Stott and Michelle Fava of Cambridge Judge appears in special journal issue on Black Business and Management History.

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