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You will receive a BA Hons, in common with everyone else. This is all that is noted on your degree certificate.

Your Official Transcript will give details of each Part of each Tripos you have taken in order to achieve the BA.

The Cambridge Tripos system, with Triposes organised into discrete parts, allows students to change subjects with relative ease. For example, a student who has completed the Economics Tripos, and then taken MST as a fourth year will have Economics Part 1, Economics Parts 2A and 2B, and Management Studies Part 2 on their transcript.

Please note that the overall degree classification will be applied from Easter Term 2023.

Induction typically takes place in person at Cambridge Judge Business School, from the Monday before the official term starting (for example from Monday 7 October 2024 for MT2024 entrants).

Students with a place in the programme are required make arrangements to be in Cambridge on time to attend all orientation sessions in person.

After the MST, your degree will be a BA Hons. Your Official Transcript will give the class and marks for each Part of each Tripos you have taken as part of the BA.

The overall degree classification scheme will take effect for all students graduating from Easter term 2023.

For students currently in their second year of study

Candidates taking the Management Tripos in their third year will be classed using the 0:30:70 weighting, with 30% of marks coming from the second-year Tripos. The MST will account for 70% of a student’s final degree outcome.

For students currently in their third year of study

Candidates taking the Tripos in their fourth year will be classed by their Part II Tripos scheme only. The Management Studies Tripos result will not be factored into the overall degree classification.

All module marks and class for the MST will continue to appear on the official university grade transcript.

For MML students returning from year abroad

MML students will be classed using a 0:30:0:70 weighting, with 30% of marks from second-year Tripos and the MST accounting for 70% of a student’s final degree outcome.

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Applying FAQs

The Management Studies Tripos is a one-year course that can be taken only by students who have already completed two, or in some cases three, years of another Tripos at the University of Cambridge.

It is not possible to take the Management Studies Tripos immediately on entry to Cambridge (i.e. in your first year), nor is it possible to transfer to the programme from any other institution, either in the UK or abroad.

No. We strongly advise applicants not to graduate. MST should be the final year of your undergraduate degree. It is not, and cannot be regarded as, a masters programme.

If you graduate, the MST can only be taken as ‘Not for Honours’ and would not appear on either your degree certificate or final transcript.

No. If you have already taken a fourth year, you are not eligible for MST, which can only be taken as a third or fourth year of a BA.

No. You would no longer be eligible for MST a year after graduation.

MML and AMES students normally take the third year as a Year Abroad. You can opt to apply as a second-year student to MST and we would make our admissions decision based on your second-year results, with you not proceeding to the Year Abroad if admitted and instead joining MST as a third-year student.

It is appreciated that the arrangement and undertaking of the Year Abroad need to be considered well in advance and represent a considerable commitment for all concerned. We recommend that you discuss any course of action with the appropriate people at your Faculty.

Having said that, over the years several former MML and AMES students have joined MST directly after returning from the Year Abroad. Admissions decisions are normally based on your second-year result only in this case.

Another option is returning from the Year Abroad and then completing Part II of your MML or AMES Tripos, but not graduating. If you choose to take this course of action, you would normally not be ‘In Standing’ for MST (because of the number of terms that will have passed since your Matriculation), and your College will need to put your case forward to the University’s Applications Committee for you to be put ‘In Standing’. Several former MML and AMES students have come to MST after completing their first Tripos in this way.

Yes, it is important that you seek advice from the International Student Office if you are considering applying to join the MST, even if you currently have a visa that covers the period of the programme.

The student visa rules on course changes and time limits on study may have implications for students seeking to undertake this programme and it is advisable that you seek guidance on your personal circumstances from the International Student Office in advance of your decision, in case you need to allow time for a visa application and travel.

Please email the International Student Office at [email protected].

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Fees and funding fAQs

International (overseas) students should note that changing to MST may incur a significant increase in fees from your previous subject of study. Please view the fee structure for undergraduate courses for more information.

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