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MST consulting project

Students carry out a four-week project in Easter Term. This is essentially an external consultancy project to which you are required to apply knowledge and skills acquired on the Management Studies Tripos. It is designed to give you the opportunity to gain practical experience of a management problem, and to develop skills of communication and cooperation that will benefit you in your future career.

You are expected to develop and agree the terms of reference for the project, make a presentation and produce an academic report drawing on and demonstrating knowledge, techniques and skills acquired in the course of taking the Tripos.

The project is carried out in an external organisation. Placements are organised by the School, but students wishing to carry out the exercise with a sponsoring company, or at some other organisation with which they have a connection, do have the opportunity to propose their own projects.

All prospective students are required to sign a copy of our standard Cambridge Judge Business School General Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement and agree to our MST Consulting Project Terms.