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Launched at the Sanya Forum in 2014, the China Advisory Council was created to advise and sustain the business school’s engagement in China. It not only helps to develop more research themes based on the School’s current knowledge base, but also makes our research topics and teaching content more relevant and up-to-date to China’s current economical and social growth.

The Council is composed of a small number of leading figures from the public and private sectors in China who have a pre-existing connection with Cambridge Judge Business School or the University of Cambridge. Additional representation is provided by members of Cambridge Judge and the University of Cambridge. 

The current members, sorted alphabetically by surname, are:


Mr Chou Chun Chi

Chairman, Taiwan Sinyi Group

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Dr Gong Shaolin

Chairman, China Merchants Securities
Fellow, Cambridge Judge Business School

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Dr Hong Qi

Chairman, China Minsheng Bank

Dr the Hon. Sir David KP Li

Chairman & Chief Executive, The Bank of East Asia

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Ms Ding Chen

Chief Executive Officer, CSOP Asset Management

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Mr Luo Xi

President, SinoSure

Mr Wang Boming

President, Stock Exchange Executive Council
Chairman, SEEC Media Group
Editor in Chief, CAIJING Magazine

Dr Wang Jianzhou

Chairman, China Association of Public Companies
Former Chairman, China Mobile

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Ms Wang Li

Independent Director of China Education Resources
Executive Director, China’s Stock Exchange
Executive Council (SEEC)
Managing Director, SEEC Holdings

Professor Xie Weihe

Vice President, Tsinghua University


Mr Daniel He

China Advisory Council Secretary General
Co-Founder, Equitile
Fellow, Cambridge Judge Business School

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Professor Mauro Guillén

Dean, Cambridge Judge Business School

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Mr Michael Morley

Formerly Chief Executive, Coutts & Co.

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Professor Lord (Martin) Rees of Ludlow

Astronomer Royal
Former Master, Trinity College, University of Cambridge
Former President, Royal Society

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