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Certificate Awards

All participants on the Accelerate Cambridge programme, including associates, mentors and coaches who have contributed to the programme are awarded a certificate of recognition for their contribution and efforts at the end of each term. Accelerate Cambridge offers a structured approach of three-month programmes that combine entrepreneurship training, regular coaching and mentoring, as well as access to shared workspace.

Pitch of the night winner

The Accelerate Cambridge programme has helped me refine my skills as a founder and business leader. The programme has provided our company with access to an excellent ecosystem of startups and business coaches. Pitch & Judge is a matchless opportunity to communicate your vision while gaining honest and constructive feedback.
Nick Apps, Virtual Nick
The Accelerate Cambridge programme is helping us chart the next steps of our journey to commercialise our technology. The programme has not only taught us about the day to day details of starting a business but is also helping us develop our strategy and knowledge of markets for exploiting our technology. Pitch & Judge was a fantastic opportunity to test these ideas out and get useful feedback from the brilliant pool of mentors and coaches, and form really useful connections with other ventures on the programme.
George Hawker, Co-founder and CTO of S4
With Accelerate Cambridge, we are on the path to make our dream a reality. The programme not only taught us how to structure our business but also how to sell our vision to a bigger crowd. Pitch & judge is the perfect opportunity for us to showcase our new skills and receive constructive feedback from our big family, including mentors, judges and our cohort.
Yigit and Atiqah, Skinlync
Accelerate Cambridge provides all round support to startups and the Pitch & Judge event is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to take their learnings from coaches and practice their pitching in front of a supportive audience. Medwyse looks forward to bringing what we learn from Accelerate Cambridge to the bigger stage at Digital Health Rewired Pitchfest finals on 4 March.
Dr Keith Tsui, CEO and Co-founder at
The Cambridge Accelerate programme has been a great resource for Pinpoint Oncology and the advice from mentors has been invaluable. I think for startups raising money, there is always a lot of focus on pitching, so it's great to have an opportunity to practice and improve in a safe environment like Pitch & Judge.
Jason Yip, Co-founder of Pinpoint Oncology
We're delighted to have won a competition for the best presentation at the Pitch & Judge event last night hosted by Accelerate Cambridge at Cambridge Judge Business School. From a field of five exciting and growing new businesses, almost half of the audience voted for Spotta.
Robert Fryers, CEO, Spotta

To round off a busy Easter Term, startup teams pitched their ventures for three minutes and then answered questions from a tough audience of their peers, coaches, mentors and associates.

Accelerate Cambridge marks another term of excellent progress, perseverance and optimism!
Luther Phillips, Accelerate Cambridge Coordinator

View our photo gallery of the Accelerate Cambridge awards:

To round off a busy Lent Term, startup teams pitched their ventures for three minutes and then answered questions from a tough audience of their peers, coaches, mentors and associates.

The awards ceremony and networking event was a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs to acknowledge the progress their venture has made on the programme.
Luther Phillips, Accelerate Cambridge Coordinator