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Our mission is to enable and nurture venture creation out of Cambridge.

Helped 317 ventures since 2013

£496 million total money raised

68% of companies are still active

£36 million grant money raised

1,270 new employees recorded

£1.2 million crowdfunding raised

Accelerate Cambridge offers a structured approach of three-month programmes that combine entrepreneurship training, regular coaching and mentoring, as well as access to shared workspace.


  • Develop a compelling customer value proposition.
  • Learn how to pitch with confidence.
  • Craft a fundable and sustainable business plan.
  • Learn basic entrepreneurial concepts.
  • Fully engage with the programme.
  • Coachable.


  • Product development and distribution.
  • Develop initiative and leadership skills.
  • Incorporate business.
  • Develop and release MVP or prototype.
  • Build team beyond founders.
  • Team has formal equity share and shareholder agreement in place.
  • Business idea is protected, IP considered.
  • Responds well to coaching input.

Accelerate Plus

  • Go to market.
  • Sales and income generation.
  • Company ready for investment or bootstrap.
  • Branding and marketing strategy.
  • Grow and scale.
  • Access additional rounds of investment.
  • Even more coachable.
  • Exit if an owner decides to end their involvement with the business.

Strong support is essential for the success of early stage ventures. Our structured programmes:

  • accelerate maturation and growth
  • prevent common mistakes, including becoming side-tracked
  • connect people and resources

We help teams of entrepreneurs turn an idea into a business, launch, and then keep going. Accelerate Cambridge is part of an ecosystem of support for entrepreneurs in Cambridge and will help you to navigate your way through it and find the resources you need.

Our Accelerate Cambridge programmes will provide you with expert advice and mentoring on topics including: 

  • ideation, idea shaping and initial screening
  • discovering the most promising applications for your knowledge or technology
  • research and customer development
  • protecting your intellectual property
  • developing a compelling customer value proposition
  • sales and traction
  • branding and marketing
  • establishing evidence of genuine customer demand
  • understanding the competitive landscape
  • accessing resources within the value chain
  • building a team
  • bootstrapping and fundraising
  • raising financial capital and dealing with investors
  • designing your business model
  • pitching your idea and crafting a fundable business plan

How to apply?

Now accepting applications for the Autumn Term 2022.

Entrepreneurship Weekend
Day 1: 09:30-17:00, Saturday 24 September 2022
Day 2: 09:30-17:00, Sunday 25 September 2022

Lectures, Workshops and Coaching
Every Monday and Thursday
Thursday 29 September 2022 – Thursday 1 December 2022

Application deadline:
Friday 10 June 2022

Please email Accelerate if you have any queries.

Find out how to apply