Ventures video gallery

During the Accelerate Cambridge programme, entrepreneurs can receive a session from the team at Cambridge TV and learn about video prep and how effective video can be in promoting their business.

Here are some videos from ventures who have been involved with Accelerate Cambridge.


Animo believes that monitoring Parkinson’s disease progression should be as easy as tracking your daily step count. Through their patient and clinician-facing applications, connected by their cloud platform, Animo empowers physicians with representative and accurate patient data.

Better Origin

Better Origin aims to convert food waste into energy. Our method uses insects as an efficient biological catalyst for converting previous un-usable food waste into fat-rich larval biomass, which can then be refined into biodiesel.

Better Origin have been featured on BBC Click.

Charco Neurotech

Despite the best available medical and surgical interventions people with Parkinson’s are often frustrated as they remain significantly limited in their activities. Charco Neurotech developed CUE1, a focused vibrotactile stimulation device for people with Parkinson’s.

The Copper Crew

The Copper Crew focuses on sourcing and blending South African wines, specifically to be canned, and use cans for their lower environmental impact, convenience and moderation of serving size.


Foodiano helps people run a food business from their home kitchen and enable branding themselves in their local communities. Vendors get an app and a website that makes running their service and finding customers easy. The consumers get convenient access to locally sourced, niche, and authentic dishes with excellent value for money.


FotoStax has developed a camera that lets you capture and print moving images or 3D images in instant print format. By introducing this technology into the instant camera and printing industries Fotostax seeks to provide individuals and businesses the ability to create these types of images easily and accessibly themselves.


Healx is a social enterprise passionate about finding new therapeutic solutions to cure patients with rare diseases. Healx’s approach offers great promise both for patients suffering from rare diseases and for biopharmaceutical companies wishing to make the most of their therapeutic portfolio.

Lamina POP

Lamina POP is a social enterprise that aims to increase access to low-cost, dignified housing worldwide. We have a patented new construction system that produces simpler, safer, and more flexible buildings in the developing world. The system is 35% cheaper compared with the current leading low-cost housing solutions.


Lionheart Lifting is bringing a new brand of fitness equipment to the market designed around the needs of military members and those who work or live in uniquely challenging conditions.


Lumino is on a mission to bring better mental health to everyone. Their goal is to reinvent how mental health treatment is delivered, through developing truly scalable, world-leading digital therapeutic programmes.


MedAi is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered comprehensive digital healthcare platform that will enable millions of healthcare deprived people across the globe to remotely access a range of healthcare services in their language. is the Google for medical professionals and healthcare organisations. We are on a mission to empower every clinician to do their best work and provide better care for their patients

Orca Scan

Barcodes have been with us for over 45 years, adopted worldwide, in almost every industry – they are the core part of supply chains. Yet it’s still difficult for companies to implement a barcode system without expensive hardware or coding skills. Orca Scan solves this problem by making it easy for anyone to create a custom barcode system using a web browser and smartphones.


Panoramic is an international magazine that seeks to disrupt the existing practices of journalism. Their aim is to focus each issue around one ‘concept’, selecting young writers from around the world who draw on their surroundings to comment on the topic at hand.


REUSE2GO (formerly RE.USE) offers a tech-enabled reusable system as a solution to single-use food and drink takeaway containers, to help tackle the climate crisis.

Rota Wrangler

Rota Wrangler is a tool that allows business owners or managers to forecast, schedule and share rotas in a secure and GDPR friendly way. Rota Wrangler’s goal is to make the rostering process smarter and more efficient while saving time for business owners.


Swing is a fittech startup that provides pay-as-you-go free-weights and online classes in green spaces. Our goal is to provide easy and affordable access to outdoor fitness equipment across the UK; thereby reducing health inequality and promoting green space exercise.