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EnterpriseWOMEN resources

The Entrepreneurship Centre has created a series of videos and articles on key topics of interest for women leaders and entrepreneurs who are starting or scaling businesses. These resources also provide advice for those who are participating on the EnterpriseWOMEN programme.

Take a look at photos taken at our previous EnterpriseWOMEN weekends:
EnterpriseWOMEN launch: November 2019

You have a Voice. Find it. Hone it. Use it. (pdf, 1.7MB)
Slides created by Natalie Woodhead, Creative Copywriter, NATFORWORDS
Presented 20 June 2020

Voice Projection (pdf, 874KB)
Slides created by Liuba Doga, Vocal Coach, Singing Attitude School
Presented 20 June 2020

The business persona (pdf, 835KB)
Slides created by Collette Johnson, Product Marketing Strategist, Redgate
Presented 20 June 2020

The essentials of finance (pdf, 700KB)
Slides created by Dr Anino Emuwa, Founder and Managing Director, Avandis
Presented 30 April 2020

Inventing new ways to lead (pdf, 1.2MB)
Slides created by Rakhi Rajani, Associate Partner, QuantumBlack
Presented 21 November 2019

The uncomfortable force of public speaking

Bianca Cefalo, Space Systems Thermal Product Manager, Airbus Defense and Space, writes about her experience at EnterpriseWOMEN Centre Stage.

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Every business should make the world better

Yvonne Chua, chartered architect and co-founder, Pitch Your Concepts, shares key takeaways learnt at EnterpriseWOMEN Money Talks.

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Financial awareness in business – starting and scaling up amidst a pandemic

Ronny Odegbami, Asso Director Scientific, AstraZeneca, writes for the Entrepreneurship blog on the essentials of finance for entrepreneurs.

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Clear the stage for female entrepreneurs

Nicola Filzmoser, social entrepreneur and co-founder of Happyr, writes for the Entrepreneurship Centre blog about the EnterpriseWOMEN programme.

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To all women taking centre stage – stop apologising

Shreya Singhal, medical student, shares her resounding take-home message from the Centre Stage workshop.

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Lessons on powerful leadership

On Thursday 21 November we launched EnterpriseWOMEN. A vibrant evening brought together entrepreneurs and experts to bond, share and learn.

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Enabling the leader in me

Dr Charli Batley, Senior Director of Operations at PhoreMost, writes for the Entrepreneurship Centre blog about the EnterpriseWOMEN programme.

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Informed by the past, designed for the future

Dr Ghina M. Halabi discusses the needs of early-stage women entrepreneurs and how the EnterpriseWOMEN programme can help their business to thrive.

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Entrepreneurial myths

An astrophysicist by training, Dr Ghina Halabi often shoots down tall tales about outer space. Now Programme Lead of EnterpriseWOMEN at Cambridge Judge Business School’s Entrepreneurship Centre, she identifies five myths of female entrepreneurship.

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There are many interesting events around Cambridge but EnterpriseWOMEN is unique. The workshops provide actionable learning and inspiring experiences.
Nicola Filzmoser, MSt in Entrepreneurship student and part of Accelerate Cambridge
Thank you for such an insightful and engaging evening. All the speakers were brilliant, the content was very relevant and the way in which they individually delivered and engaged the room was great. There were many takeaways from the evening that will be applied in day to day situations and interactions, which is a testament to the success of the programme and the efforts involved in putting it together.
Tohfe Beidas, Finance Manager, Global Transformation at Unilever
Superb evening workshop Ghina, thank you to you and to the CJBS team for organising it. It ticked everything that was highlighted at the scoping workshop – punchy, great use of time, fantastic speakers with focused actionable presentations, good networking and the right price for startup and pre-scale up founders. I look forward to the other workshops in the programme.
Catherine Elton, CEO and Founder of Qkine
It was such an honour to be a part of this wildly successful event. The insights and knowledge that was shared was outstanding. EnterpriseWOMEN is truly taking “transformational” thinking, leadership and entrepreneurship to a new level of quality over quantity. Kudos to Dr Halabi and the roster of speakers.
Lynne Marlor, CEO and Founder at Transformational Strategies
It was a such lovely event, inspirational in a whole new level. Topics and sharings covered were ‘out of the box’. Lovely cohort of audiences from very diverse background. Thanks for organising all these.
Amanda Wang, COO at UK Visa and International Education Centre

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