Who is EnterpriseWOMEN for?


We’re recruiting for our first programme that will run April 2024 to October 2024.

If you are a female researcher (PhD, postdoc, research staff) at the University of Cambridge, or another institution or company, with some entrepreneurial experience and looking to polish your skills or launch your business idea, then EnterpriseWOMEN is for you.

If EnterpriseWOMEN is the first programme in the entrepreneurial learning space you’re looking at, you would be far better equipped to join us after undertaking another access programme such as EnterpriseTECH.

Who is it for?

EnterpriseWOMEN offers access to its programme through 3 distinct pathways, each tailored to where you are on your entrepreneurial journey. You’ll most likely be a female researcher or staff member at the University of Cambridge or other institution or company and looking to connect with a women’s enterprise network in Cambridge.

Crafted to accommodate these pathways, either as a full programme of workshops or drop- ins, we aim to ensure women from various backgrounds and stages of their entrepreneurial endeavours can find help, resources and connections they need to succeed.

Women’s pathways

Our women’s pathways are:

Pioneer Women

For those in the adventurous phase of their entrepreneurial journey.

You may fit here if you describe yourself as one or 2 of these:

  • Having a strong interest in entrepreneurship, such as currently attending or having completed programmes like EnterpriseTECH or a Venture Creation at CJBS, or other University of Cambridge initiatives like iTeams, BioSpark, Impulse, as well as external programs like Carbon13 Venture Builder, ConceptionX, EF, and more.
  • Involved in early-stage research commercialisation in the science and tech space.
  • Seeking further knowledge, skill development, mentorship, and guidance to support the ideation process or early-stage development of a new business idea.

Verger Women

For those underway in building their business.

You may fit here if you describe yourself as one or 2 of these:

  • Actively exploring entrepreneurial opportunities for your nascent business idea, such as new networks, a co-founder, awareness of recruitment or funding opportunities etc.
  • Focused on refining your ideas, seeking more specialist mentorship and connections to resources.
  • On the verge of founding your company, but have some missing elements that this programme might be able to help you piece together.

Founder Women

For those who have founded their business and are in the early stages of development.

You may fit here if you describe yourself as one or 2 of these:

  • Looking for specific skills, resources, networking or mentorship tailored for established early-stage entrepreneurs.
  • Would like to sign up to all the workshops for a discounted rate or come along as a drop-in for particular ones.
  • Would like to be a role model or mentor for others in the programme.