Get involved as a partner or sponsor

How can we help?

As we work towards establishing a programme and network for EnterpriseWOMEN, we invite mission-driven partners and corporate sponsors to join us in amplifying our impact.

Our objective is to help female researchers become founders, bridge the gaps from the lab to successful venture creation, and provide crucial support to those already on their entrepreneurial journey.

Partners and sponsors

In line with this vision we are delighted to welcome J A Kemp, Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, and Cambridge Future Tech, Deep Tech Venture Builder, as our inaugural corporate sponsors. 

J A Kemp’s large presence in Cambridge and their extensive global expertise in patent and trade mark law and procedures make them an ideal partner. Their strong focus on science and technology aligns seamlessly with the missions of EnterpriseWOMEN, promising a mutually beneficial and exciting collaboration.

Cambridge Future Tech recognise the immense potential of women-led ventures and the importance of diversity in the tech industry and beyond. Through this partnership, they are committing to actively support and nurture the next generation of female leaders and innovators, enabling them to access the resources, mentorship, and networks necessary to thrive in this competitive landscape.

We’re also delighted to welcome The Gender Index on board as our first mission-led partner. Their commitment to fostering positive change through data is commendable. The Gender Index specialises in meticulously tracking and offering insightful analysis on gender-disaggregated data for active UK companies. Their overarching goal is to substantially boost the presence of female-led companies in the UK. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration in pursuit of this shared vision.

How can I get involved?

The types of partnerships we are looking for in our first year fall into 3 categories. To express your interest, please:



As an individual

You are a leading female entrepreneur in science and tech and would like to be involved as an experienced workshop provider or mentor. We’re looking for new people who bring exciting and fresh thinking to our programme.


Mission-driven partners

We want to team-up with mission-led organisations prioritising entrepreneurship for researchers, other not-for-profit women’s enterprise initiatives and gate keepers of networks —and imagination!

These relationships lead to inclusion as mentors and speakers, leading workshops, in-kind activity, cross-pollination, knowledge exchange and network expansion. All activities that promote more opportunities for entrepreneurial women to learn and connect.

To respect these partnerships and help relationships flourish we are limiting our search to 3 perfect matches in the first year.


Corporate partnerships

We are raising funds to build corporate partnerships that foster close programme-level connections.

Like our mission-led partners, we’re looking for the quality and fit of our engagements to ensure the relationships are meaningful, vibrant and relevant, delivering something new for both parties.

Corporate sponsors gain from new collaboration opportunities, programme engagement, knowledge exchange, access to talent an innovation, and involvement with University of Cambridge’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Top tier

£10K with possibilities for guest speakers, workshop leaders and mentoring opportunities plus 10 places for your company.

Middle tier

£5K with possibilities for guest speakers, workshop leaders and mentoring opportunities plus 5 places for your company.

Starter tier

£2K with possibilities for guest speakers, workshop leaders and mentoring opportunities plus 2 places for your company.