Funding and scholarship opportunities

We welcome applications from PhD students, postdocs as well as other senior researchers and medics who have some experience or learning activity around entrepreneurship. Professional women and founders who are looking to upskill or backfill knowledge and build or broaden their networks are also very welcome. 

We have a limited number of full scholarships for women at the University of Cambridge.

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Joining us as a participant

We have 3 categories of participant profiles (Pioneer, Verger or Founder) and you can select one of these when completing the application form. The profile you choose doesn’t impact the programme fee, but enables us to manage the proportions of each participant profile across the year and integrate this into the workshops. To determine the most suitable profile for you, refer back to the Who is it for? page.

During the application process, we’ll ask you about your current business idea and what stage you are at. Remember, EnterpriseWOMEN is for women who have taken steps in their entrepreneurial journey, whether by being involved in other programmes like EnterpriseTECH or launching a new business. We also welcome founders seeking to fill knowledge gaps and expand their professional network within the Cambridge ecosystem.

Programme fees

The programme fee covers all 12 workshops across the year. The fees don’t cover travel or accommodation. Fees become payable one week before the programme begins. In some cases, we can offer instalment arrangements to help.

Your institutionFull programme
Fees for 12 sessions
Fees per session
University of Cambridge researchers and staff£936 (30 full scholarships are available)£115 (limited spaces)
Researchers and staff at other UK universities, NHS doctors and medics£1,128£145 (limited spaces)
Researchers and staff at international universities£1,392£175 (limited spaces)
Corporates, founders, and other non-student individuals£2,820£340 (limited spaces)


We have 30 full scholarships for women registered as researchers (PhD students, postdocs, staff, and faculty members) at the University of Cambridge for 2023-24. You must be committed to undertake the whole programme including the first workshop Saturday 13 April 2024, the Showcase Day on Thursday 24 October 2024 and at least 7 of the workshops on offer.

We hope to gain additional support from mission-led partners and corporate sponsors in the future so we can extend our offering of scholarships to a wider group of women. If that could be you, please see our Get Involved as a Partner or Sponsor page.