The programme structure revolves around 3 dynamic and intertwined phases:

  • educating
  • embracing
  • embedding.

All of these are delivered through interactive workshops supplemented by personalised mentoring.


You are awarded a Cambridge Judge Entrepreneurship Centre EnterpriseWOMEN Certificate of Achievement for participants who attend all sessions in a calendar year or a Certificate of Attendance for those who attend a minimum of 9 workshops.

Teaching and learning approaches

Research shows that certain teaching methods resonate more effectively with women and that female researchers may approach their skills development differently from their counterparts. With EnterpriseWOMEN, we are eager to explore this unique perspective and to integrate these approaches into our learning format.

Group work, open communication and peer-to-peer interaction, enabling participants to learn from one another, share ideas, and build supportive networks. Especially beneficial for women more used to male-dominated fields (entrepreneurship, physics and computer sciences for example).

Immersion in real-world scenarios. Honing decision-making, negotiation, leadership, and communication skills while fostering empathy for various stakeholders. This process challenges participants to visualise themselves as accomplished entrepreneurs, bolstering confidence and capabilities.

Successful female entrepreneurs and guest speakers. The sharing of experiences, challenges and insights, allows participants to relate to content and be inspired. Seeing others succeed encourages more women to pursue entrepreneurship further.

Relatable role models play a pivotal role, guiding participants to build confidence, gain valuable insights, and adeptly overcome entrepreneurial challenges. This enables participants to foster lasting professional connections with other women.

Helpful for women with time constraints or barriers to in-person training. Flexible learning options accommodate diverse needs and circumstances. The programme runs in-person with options to join online where practically possible.

Main programme elements


Twelve 4-hour workshops per calendar year, starting in April 2024 then occurring bi-monthly until the Showcase Day in October 2024.

  • Learn and apply: Participants gain knowledge from workshop leaders and practical skills through interactive sessions. Immediate application in practical exercises reinforces learning and competence.
  • Action and analyse: Participants take decisive steps toward their goals, engaging in hands-on activities. Detailed analysis of actions and outcomes fosters continuous improvement and informed decision-making.
  • Explore and optimise: Participants explore potential opportunities in their field, guided to assess and refine them for maximum potential. This encourages strategic and refined approaches to entrepreneurial endeavours.


Integrated into the networking process and also available outside of the dedicated learning time.


Establishing effective and purposeful networks to support you in the development of your early-stage business.


We conduct regular surveys to track your progress, refine our approach, and gather valuable insights for knowledge exchange among female researcher-entrepreneurs.

Time commitment

  • Workshops: Each workshop is 4 hours in duration, which includes time for networking and refreshments. Workshops are scheduled during lunchtimes, evenings, and weekends.
  • Contact time: You’ll spend a total of 48 hours participating in the planned workshops.
  • Mentoring: You’ll receive 12 hours of mentoring.
  • Total time commitment: In total, you’ll invest 60 hours in the programme.

We are happy to accept pre-arranged drop-ins to particular workshops. Join our EnterpriseWOMEN mailing list to find out when these opportunities are offered.