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Strategic Business Growth programme structure

SME Growth Challenge programme overview

A series of six workshops are delivered in three, two-day modules over the course of four months. They provide access to the latest management thinking to facilitate the sharing of insights about commonly experienced challenges and possible solutions. These will be augmented by regular company visits from dedicated Cambridge Judge Business School team members.

The topics addressed at each of the workshops will be informed by the needs identified during the diagnostic phase of the programme. They are likely to include:

  • Defining your current business model
  • Value innovation and shaping your value proposition
  • Developing a 'go-to-market' strategy for your products and services
  • Understanding the competitive landscape
  • Developing your leadership team to accelerate growth
  • Financing your firm

A key component of the programme will involve collaborative problem solving and learning from the experiences of other participants. In doing so, CEOs will build the management capabilities of their organisations, as well as establish a network of contacts for both business and personal development purposes.

Session outline

Module 1 - Enabling Strategic Growth

  • Discover your current strategic position and determine the factors from the customers' point of view that give your company a distinctive competitive position.
  • Score your company against competition to identify gaps and market opportunities.
  • Understand fundamental (or generic) growth paths, their trade-offs and their implications on your strategic position.
  • Use customer findings and top management team experience to define possible growth options.
  • Identify changes from your current strategic position to develop a new plan. 

Module 2 - Implementing Strategic Growth

  • Decipher the elements and interactions of a business model to understand the underlying logic that explains how to deliver value to customers at an appropriate cost.
  • Decide on the business model factors required to implement your growth option.
  • Create a plan that cascades down to all levels of your organisation to select a strategy reconciling top down and bottom up approaches.
  • Identify and resolve horizontal trade-offs between key stakeholders.
  • Examine the effectiveness and efficiency of your operation processes.
  • Examine the risks involved in your plan and draft a set of contingency actions. 

Module 3 - Leading Strategic Growth

  • Understand the link between leadership and development to determine how to create a culture for growth within your organisation.
  • Manage multiple performance outcomes, including productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee motivation.
  • Select critical talent for your growth option to build appropriate teams.
  • Uncover the key financial requirements for realising your growth plan, and learn about options available for small to medium-sized companies.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


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