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Reports, case studies & presentations

Reports, case studies & presentations

The following presentations, case studies and reports by entrepreneurial thought leaders, senior business managers, leading scientists and innovators, as well as experienced experts are available to view online:

Reports & case studies

McCammon, M.G., Pio, E., Barakat, S. and Vyakarnam, S. (2014) “Corporate venture capital and Cambridge.” Nature Biotechnology, October 2014 (DOI: 10.1038/bioe.2014.10)

BioBeat (2014) 50 movers and shakers in biobusiness 2014.

St John’s Innovation Centre (2013) Cambridge technopole report: an overview of the UK’s leading high-technology business cluster.

McKenzie, M.D. and Janeway, W.H. (2008) “Venture capital fund performance and the IPO market.” Centre for Financial Analysis & Policy Working Paper No.30 (subsequently published in Accounting & Finance, 2010)

World Economic Forum Global Education Initiative (2009) Educating the next wave of entrepreneurs: unlocking entrepreneurial capabilities to meet the global challenges of the 21st century.

Myint, Y.M. and Vyakarnam, S. (2008) Path-dependency analysis on new emerging technology: Ubisense.


Recognising opportunities
Dr Shai Vyakarnam

Mindsets & motivations
Dr Darrin M. Disley

Spotting market needs
Dr Tony Raven, Shirley Jamieson & Dr Andrea Cantone

Serendipity or hard work?
Dr Shamus Husheer

Growing your venture
Lord Karan Bilimoria of Chelsea CBE DL

Creating star teams
Chris Barnardo & Richard Blakesley

Vision meets reality
Rolf H. Günther