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The Centre has developed a collection of online resources for learning about entrepreneurship featuring a range of leading entrepreneurs and experts.

Entrepreneurs & Experts podcast series

Here is a selection of podcasts from the series:

Building a brand against the odds

Lord Karan Bilimoria of Chelsea, founder and Chairman of Cobra Beer, talks about the roller coaster ride of developing a new brand …

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Forget venture capital! Get customers to fund you

Many new ventures never use venture capital. So how do they get the money to start and grow their business? The answer …

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Building billion dollar companies

Dr David Cleevely knows a thing or two about building businesses. A serial entrepreneur and investor, he has worked at the heart …

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Thinking outside the box for product development

We talk to Mary Anne Cordeiro, Director of Albion Income and Growth Venture Capital Trust, and Director of Science to Business, about …

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Entrepreneurs – born or made?

Can risky decision-making, essential to the entrepreneurial process, be taught? New research shows that entrepreneurs are highly-adapted risk-takers, and that this functional …

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Other series

Watch and listen to some of our other videos & podcasts, hosted on the University's Streaming Media Service: