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Programme team for the Robert W. Wilson Trust Natural Allies Environmental Leadership Program

Academic Programme Directors

Philip Stiles

Associate Professor in Corporate Governance

PhD (University of London)

Simon Learmount

Associate Professor in Corporate Governance

PhD (University of Cambridge)

Faculty and speakers

Jennifer Howard-Grenville

Diageo Professor in Organisation Studies

PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Michael Kitson

Associate Professor in International Macroeconomics

BA (University of Cambridge)

Jochem Kroezen

Associate Professor in International Business

BA (HES Amsterdam), MPhil, PhD (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Kishore Sengupta

Professor of Operations Management

MBA, PhD (Case Western University)

The programme will be cross-disciplinary, and we work with the rest of the University to deliver relevant sessions, including:

Client Relationship Manager

Youping Han

Client Director

Programme Manager

Hannah Main

Programme Manager