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Based at the heart of the University of Cambridge, our Centre brings together innovators via events, training, digital platforms, and other immersive and inspiring programmes.

Besides Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, we have hosted other luminaries such as Nandan Nilekani, talking about his book Imagining India: Key Challenges facing India.

Rather than operating as an academic ivory tower, the Centre for India and Global Business is actively engaged in initiatives to realise our vision of being a global innovation platform.

We seek to bring together the best innovators from India and the world to create solutions for a diverse and prosperous world.

Upcoming events and programmes

Unlocking the Future Economy and Prosperity through Open Networks

The Innovation Hub for Prosperity is hosted at our Centre, in partnership with the Foundation for Interoperability in the Digital Economy (FIDE). The hub helps to disseminate open networks that unlock seamless transactions, collaboration, and innovation across green energy, circularity, commerce, healthcare, education, transportation and beyond.

Open transaction networks provide a standardised protocol to help individuals and organisations seamlessly discover each other, access products and services, exchange information, and complete end-to-end transactions, regardless of the platform they are using.

Open networks are transformational in that they bring inclusiveness, innovation, collaboration, and competition by design to the platform economy. They are one of the few digital technologies that is a win-win for both people and businesses.

Nandan Nilekani, co-founder of Infosys and the non-profit FIDE, and key architect of India’s digital transformation, calls open networks “the most exciting business transformation happening in the world”.

Our work at the Cambridge Innovation Hub for Prosperity is based on 2 premises:

  • an honest broker has the potential to substantially facilitate partnerships with the private sector and governments
  • open network investments have transformative potential as they start changing business and political practices

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31 May 2024

This one-day, student-led event promises to be a pivotal platform for exploring the dynamic interactions between global and local dimensions in business, under the overarching theme of “India Ahead: Shaping the Global Future with Local Innovations”.

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6 June 2024

The Innovation Hub for Prosperity, a pioneering initiative by Cambridge Judge Business School and the Foundation for Interoperability of the Digital Economy (FIDE), marks its launch by convening a ground-breaking workshop showcasing cutting-edge advancements in open networks and artificial intelligence, shaping the future of the digital economy.

“Unlocking Growth and Prosperity: Open Networks and AI for the Future Economy” has the support of 4 University of Cambridge institutions (King’s College e-Lab, the Centre for Science and Policy, the Bennet Institute, and the Institute for Sustainability Leadership) and Amazon Web Services. The workshop brings together the UK Chief Technology Officer, the Permanent Secretary of Trade and Business, and thought leaders such as Sir Geoff Mulgan and Camila Caffarra, to explore the power of open networks to revolutionise green energy, circularity, healthcare, and more.

Open networks are the game-changers. They are not just technology; they are the DNA of a more inclusive, collaborative, and competitive digital future. The workshop will act as a catalyst, accelerating the exploration and adoption of open networks to unlock a win-win for both people and businesses.

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Featured past events


What Works for India and Africa Can Work for the World


Presenting the concept of “jugaad”, the practice of getting spectacular value from limited resources.


Challenges and opportunities posed by innovation in emerging markets


Opportunities for the West

The need to cultivate creative leadership, with former President of India, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam

How to create value from emerging markets

Organised by the Cambridge India Economic Forum

Other previous events

January 2011

The Road Less Travelled: Perspectives on What You Do, How You Operate & Where You Live

Anthony Hayward, Entrepreneur

November 2010

Tata ISES Information Event

The Centre for India & Global Business welcomed those final year students interested in a Summer 2011 Tata ISES Internship to an event on 29 November 2010, which took place at Cambridge Judge Business School. This year’s student interns spoke about their experiences in India in the summer of 2010.

Find out more about this event on the Tata Crucible UK website

January 2011

Tata Crucible – The Campus Quiz 2010

The Tata Crucible brought together the sharpest young minds to take on the heat of a tough business quiz at the 3rd Annual Campus Quiz. The winning team, who received a cash prize of £4,000, get the opportunity of a summer internship with a Tata company (as per normal terms and subject to suitability), and a place at the international finals in India.

Find out more about this event on the Tata Crucible UK website

June 2010

The Rise of Multinationals from Emerging Markets: The Case of Tata Motors

The Centre for India & Global Business welcomed Ravi Kant, CEO of Tata Motors, to Cambridge Judge Business School as part of the School’s Alumni Grand Reunion Weekend.

May 2010

Whose Merit? Whose Justice? Forging Social (In)equality in Global India

Professor Ananya Mukherjee-Reed, York University, Toronto

February 2010

The Rise of the Indian Premier League

Professor Stefan Szymanski, Cass Business School

February 2010

Unlocking the Home Entertainment Potential in India

Harish Dayani, Moser Baer Entertainment

December 2009

Selling Solar

Damian Miller, Orb Energy

November 2009

Dancing with Gorillas: Exploring SME’s Local Links with MNCs

Shameen Prasthantham, University of Glasgow

November 2009

Tata International Social Enterprise Scheme (TISES)

Alka Talwar, Tata Chemicals

November 2009

Leading Wisely: Wisdom, Perspectives, Principles and Practices for 21st Century Leadership

Prasad Kaipa, Indian School of Business

November 2009

Information for Action in Indian Public Health Systems

Professor Geoff Walsham, Cambridge Judge Business School

November 2009

The Future of the Indian IT Industry

Sudin Apte, Forrester Research

September 2009

Unleashing India’s Democracy: The Power of Public Accountability

Jai Desai, Universal Consulting India

May 2009

 Issues Affecting India’s Socio-economic Development

Rahul Bose, Bollywood Actor

April 2009

Imagining India: Key Challenges facing India

Nandan Nilekani, Unique Identification Authority of India, Co-Founder of Infosys

March 2009

The Role of Science and Technology in Driving Socio-economic Development

Craig Mundie, Microsoft

March 2009

Leadership in Recession: Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Professor Jaideep Prabhu, Centre for India & Global Business

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March 2009

Boosting India’s Global Advantage through University-Industry Collaboration

Professor Jaideep Prabhu, Centre for India & Global Business

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March 2009

India as a Global R&D Hub: Myth or Reality?

Professor Jaideep Prabhu, Centre for India & Global Business

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