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Every year, our cohort is made up of entrepreneurs, from vastly diverse backgrounds, expertise and locations, who are connected by a common desire to learn from each other and contribute to the entrepreneurship community at Cambridge Judge Business School. 

No one understands the joys and pains of entrepreneurship quite like another entrepreneur in the same situation. Peers offer invaluable perspectives and tend to give more pragmatic critique than individuals not familiar with entrepreneurship. Fellow students of your cohort will be a significant resource for cooperative learning, feedback and testing of your thoughts and ideas throughout the programme. 

Discover more about the talented and diverse individuals that form our MSt in Entrepreneurship cohort.

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The cohort is, probably for me, one of the best things about the programme. It’s the diversity, range of experience, and knowledge.

Eliot Johns, MSt in Entrepreneurship student



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Our current cohort comprises 48 students from 24 different industries. They come from 21 different countries, and we get students of every age. We’ve profiled some of them here.

Bingbing Chang.

Bingbing Chang

Bingbing Chang, who has a background in real estate investment, is starting a business that looks to improve the mental health and emotional resilience for young children since their early childhood.

My name is Bingbing. I am starting a business that looks to improve the mental health and emotional resilience for young children since their early childhood. The Business School has seen many, many entrepreneurs, successful ones, come and going and has really craft, I think, the technique to help people learn, help people think, help people develop. One thing that really resonated with me in this programme that I found absolutely special and precious, that is the diversity of the people.

When I first joined, because I’m still early on the other side I think compared to some of the other people in the programme, I was kind of thinking, oh my gosh, could I fit in? Is it the right place for me? But then afterwards, I realised just how diverse the cohort is. And when you put all of these people together, something miraculous always sparkles from all kinds of conversations and drinks we’ve had and all the fun times. And that’s something that I’ve absolutely loved about the programme.

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Suraj Thakrar.

Suraj Thakrar

Suraj Thakrar works for family business Turnells of London. His mentor has a senior position at a famous customer relationship management software company.

My name is Suraj Thakrar, and I work for a family business, which is called Turnells of London. The best thing that I have found about the MSt in Entrepreneurship has to be the people I’ve met. I hate to be cheesy, but I’ve genuinely learned so much about different industries. And I think that’s really valuable for me because in a family business, you’re so often surrounded by people doing the same things as you and with the same interests as you.

But what’s great about the cohort here is that everybody has an interest in entrepreneurship, and they have the confidence to start their own ventures, or at least contemplate it. My mentor works for a very famous customer relationship management software company, and he’s quite senior there.

And he’s given me so much insight into the value of systems. And then combined with the lectures that we’ve had in systems, and thinking about how our processes currently are, has given me a lot of opportunity for reflection on how we can improve what we’re doing, become more efficient, and scale.

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Eliot Johns.

Eliot Johns

Eliot Johns works in the hospitality sector. He was particularly drawn to the academic rigour that the programme could lend to his professional experience.

My name is Eliot, and my sector is hospitality. The cohort is, probably for me, one of the best things about the programme. It’s the diversity, range of experience, and knowledge. And so you’re guaranteed to pick up insights into areas that you had, perhaps, little prior knowledge of before but also to see areas you might be more experienced in in a new light.

So I think I was particularly drawn to the academic rigour it could lend to my professional experience but all focused within the context that’s all about the practical application. So picking up theoretical insights from some of the industry leaders, but all the while, focused on actually making things happen.

It really has meant that the external disruptions have had a minimal impact on the actual learning experience. And aside from that, I think in times like these, there are many more subjects that could be of more use in something like entrepreneurship, which ultimately, is all about creating value.

So I would say, I’m very much at the start of my entrepreneurial journey. And my sector is hospitality, and there’s a lot of uncertainty with regards to how I will achieve my ambitions within it. However, the one thing that I am sure of is applying to this programme has definitely been a step in the right direction.

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