MSt in Entrepreneurship core courses

The core modules provide a broad set of courses where each one offers the essential knowledge every entrepreneur should have, regardless of their industry or background. The core modules complement one another to build a strong foundation upon which to customise your learning experience through the subsequent electives.

Core modules are taken during the first year of the programme (with the exception of Research Methods, which will be taught in the second year) and include the following topics:

This module teaches you about the complex interplay of resources, capabilities and the external environment. You will develop a holistic picture of your venture and its competitive environment to make effective strategic decisions under extreme uncertainty.

This module addresses three topics of importance to early-stage entrepreneurs. The first is the processes by which opportunities are created and/or discovered. We then examine a robust framework for opportunity evaluation, the objectives being to avoid ‘non-opportunities’, identify uncertainties and manage risk. The module concludes with a detailed examination of how you plan to create, deliver and capture value and the components of a viable business model.

Organisational behaviour studies the psychology and work-related activities of employees and workgroups in an organisational context. The topics in this course include organisational culture, motivations, leadership, team dynamics, creativity, innovation, personalities and more. Throughout this course, you will be able to understand various issues related to the topics of OB and think about how to resolve these issues at work.

No business can exist without customers. This module teaches you the principles of marketing and how to develop an effective marketing strategy for your business to survive and grow in the current business environment. You will learn how to identify the right group of customers for your business and position yourself against the competitors, how to build a brand, and how to acquire and retain customers effectively through various marketing tools.

This module teaches you the financial implications of various business decisions. Through this module, you will be better able to represent your own venture to external stakeholders.

This module provides you with essential tools to break down complex problems and comprehend the interactions that take place within them. You will learn how to represent and analyse critical operational decisions and understand the direct and indirect implications of these decisions.

The research methods module provides you with the essential skills and knowledge to design, conduct, and write up research. The module covers qualitative and quantitative methods, implications of different research methods, introduction to research design and evaluation, and research ethics. This module has been designed to assist you in the completion of the second year major project, but the skills and knowledge are also applicable to business research to assist your venture growth.

MSt in Entrepreneurship electives

Electives to choose from include:

  • Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs
  • Raising Finance
  • Assessing and Managing External Constraints
  • Managing Growth
  • B2B Marketing
  • Management of Internal Costs
  • Leveraging Big Data: Analysis and Management
  • Sustainability and Conscious Capitalism
  • Experimentation and Pivoting
  • Entrepreneurial Impact
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management

We believe in the approach of holistic learning, our elective modules allow you to get an even bigger scope of knowledge. 

The titles of the elective courses may vary from year to year depending on the instructors’ preferences. The list above should therefore be regarded as illustrative.