The MSt in Entrepreneurship major project


During the second year of your MSt in Entrepreneurship at Cambridge Judge Business School, you will complete a 12,000-word assignment, also referred to as the major project.

The major project is a comprehensive analysis of a new business opportunity, which requires you to apply frameworks and tools from the programme to provide a robust analysis and draw conclusions.

Through this process, the knowledge you have gained in your first year takes on greater meaning and becomes more deeply embedded, as most students analyse an opportunity relating to their own venture. This is an essential opportunity to conceptualise your business strategy before applying it.

MSt in Entrepreneurship major project.

At the beginning of your second academic year on the Entrepreneurship programme you will take a research methods course designed to give you a working knowledge of a range of research methods and techniques. Moreover, in addition to your mentor, you will also be assigned an academic supervisor to help guide your research.

During second year, you will meet with your academic supervisor to lay out an initial plan for your major project, which will continue to evolve and adapt over the next academic year.

Do not worry, in addition to the major project work, there will remain subject matter expert workshops and seminars, time to meet with mentors and time to spend with your growing network