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GCP experience

Students work on a wide-range of Global Consulting Projects with a multinational and blue-chip companies in a range of sectors, from finance to technology. Projects are based in varied locations, from the far-flung tropics of Costa Rica, to UK cities such as Cambridge and London. Find out how students have applied the skills they have learnt during the MBA to their consulting projects in these videos.   

Mohan Nana Zhou - Carnegie Hall, USA

"The amount of time we invested at the very beginning learning what the mission was and why everyone cared about it so much, was critical for making sure that our solution would then be adopted."

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Tom Wood - Sydney Opera House, Australia

“I think the standout moment for me was the backstage tour. We were doing a digital project, assessing digital processes from warehousing to marketing and the huge impact that would have on everything across this large single site".

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Chuka Madubunyi - Diageo, UK

"When you source your own project you have to have a clear objective about what you want to do. The standout moment was going to Diageo's office and understanding the size of the company and the importance of the project to them."

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Diana Murguia Barrios - Oslo Cancer Cluster, Norway

"My GCP helped solidify my interest in the industry. I come from a finance background and I knew that I wanted to explore other industries."

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Jiajie Charles Su - Google, UK

"It was essential to distribute work according to each person's skill set. We applied our different skill sets across the project to achieve a good outcome in a very short amount of time."

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Vishal Jain - Yoox Net-a-Porter, UK

"We were brought in to solve a very specific problem and we were able to apply a lot of the MBA skills like Management Praxis to the diversity of team members across the project".

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Get the inside track on the Global Consulting Project experience from the MBA class.

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It was a good opportunity for us to apply a lot of the concepts we had learned during Management Praxis, especially around teamwork and how to manage client expectations.
Swalti Kalra, Actis, 2018