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GCP experience

Students work on a wide-range of Global Consulting Projects with a multinational and blue-chip companies in a range of sectors, from finance to technology. Projects are based in varied locations, from the far-flung tropics of Costa Rica, to UK cities such as Cambridge and London. Find out how students have applied the skills they have learnt during the MBA to their consulting projects in these videos.   

Vivian Li - WHO, Switzerland

"We were not only in touch with the WHO, but also other organisations within the UN in Geneva such as Unicef, WPO and the ITU."

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Raul Echegoyen - Lori, Kenya

“Lori asked us to look at what parts of the company they should improve in order to scale up the business."

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Oladele Olafuyi - Carnegie Hall, USA

"When I saw the brief, I had to do this project because it mixed together two of my greatest passions: marketing and music."

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David Wood - Gympass, Brazil

"We worked with a client who had been through the Cambridge MBA, so it was great to see the calibre of that individual in the workplace."

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Kika Welvaart -, UK

"We delivered a very tangible result to the client, we learned so much and it was interesting to see how the project became shaped over the weeks."

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Firas Marafie - Uber, The Netherlands

"We did user mapping to look at the different pain points that a potential customer might experience when interacting with the brand."

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Get the inside track on the Global Consulting Project experience from the MBA class.

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It was a good opportunity for us to apply a lot of the concepts we had learned during Management Praxis, especially around teamwork and how to manage client expectations.
Swalti Kalra, Actis, 2018