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GCP experience

Students work on a wide-range of Global Consulting Projects with a multinational and blue-chip companies in a range of sectors, from finance to technology. Projects are based in varied locations, from the far-flung tropics of Costa Rica, to UK cities such as Cambridge and London. Find out how students have applied the skills they have learnt during the MBA to their consulting projects in these videos.   

Induja Sridharan - Santen Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland

"We came up with solutions, gathered more information regarding the consumers and came up with a market entry plan that we presented to the client as a recommendation."

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Neil Dubey - Addenbrooke’s Hospital, UK

“We undertook an operations analysis at Addenbrooke's Hospital, specifically the elective surgeries, so we were working with senior clinicians, managers and trust chairs."

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Fatoumata Diane - Goal, Uganda

"Our client was very interested in getting into the impact investment scene, so the objective of our project was to look into running a pilot impact investment project."

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Ian Nagle - Fauna and Flora, Borneo

"The Village Head brought us into his home and made us feel really welcome. That was a real standout moment, to suddenly be in a mix of 200 people who were so welcoming."

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Dipika Sawhney - L'Oreal (Clarisonic), UK

"Negotiation was another very useful skill which we developed. We learned how to negotiate with the clients, what to let go, when to win, what the small victories are."

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Get the inside track on the Global Consulting Project experience from the MBA class.

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We had to rely on a number of skills that we learned from the MBA so far. Probably most importantly was what we learned in Management Praxis, which is a course in how to work with team members who have different preferences and styles of leadership.
Ian Nagle, Fauna and Flora, 2016